Pirate 4-D show theater                                                                                                         This Giraffe can level with kids




The Desert Grill at Timbuktu - A fine place to escape the midday heat, eat and catch a show






A section themed after the malls and bazaars of Africa. This section opened up in May 1980. The Phoenix was built in 1984 and remains a popular ride to this day. The section was renovated in 2003. Important rides added during this facelift included the Timbuktu Theatre, which replaced the park's Dolphin Theatre with an indoor 4-D Movie theatre. In 2004, the park's family friendly Cheetah Chase roller coaster opened up, replacing the Crazy Camel flat ride.

  • Scorpion, a steel Schwarzkopf designed sit-down roller coaster with one vertical loop.
  • Cheetah Chase, a steel wild mouse roller coaster.
  • Phoenix, a looping Egyptian cargo vessel.
  • Pirates! 4-D, a "4-D" movie about pirates starring Leslie Nielsen. The show replaced the Haunted Lighthouse 4-D attraction written by R. L. Stine.
  • Sandstorm, an orbiter ride with three arms that spins riders around



Arcade games give patrons a chance to win everything from Shrek to a White Tiger





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