"Stanleyville" opened in 1973 and is home to the park's first water ride, the Stanley Falls Flume. 


Rider's perspective  








The Scorpion -  Opened in 1981 featuring one of Anton Schwarzkopf's signature vertical loops with intense, positive G-forces. 







The name SheiKra is derived from a shikra
an African hawk that is known to dive straight down for its prey.

SheiKra facts & ride elements


The Stanleyville section remained essentially unchanged from 1989  until 2005, when SheiKra opened and the surrounding area was renovated.










Land-Lubbers viewpoint




                                             Going up





Left - Here you sit for a few seconds to enjoy the view before the brakes release, dropping you straight down!

Right - Taking the plunge













Ride SheiKra BEFORE lunch!




















Splashdown!  Water brakes.


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