Tampa Streetcar Fest 2004 - End of the Line - Page 15

"Back seat driver" yours truly.


Recommended reading:  "The Birney Car" by Harold Cox


See MANY more beautiful pictures of Tampa's streetcars,

photographed at numerous points along the route, and from interesting camera angles:

North American Vintage Trolley Systems  John Smatlak - Railway Preservation Resources


David Pinero's Tampa Streetcar Website:  Welcome to Tampa Rail
Your Liveliest Advocate Forum for the Development of Tampa Urban Rail

Practical advice from David on riding the streetcars


Visit TampaGov.net for another great view of Tampa's streetcar system


Read "From Trolleys to Buses and in Between" by Robert E. Sims

An article in PDF format at the USF Digital Collections Archives

Mr. Sims describes the transportation systems as they were in the

years he drove a cab in Tampa in the 1930's and 40's.


Links to Burgert Brothers Photos at USF Digital Archives

Trolley car rolls past 12th Avenue and 20th Street in front of Jose Arango home (no date, poss. 1898))

Bicycles and trolley cars at the Tampa Bay Hotel 1902

Group of trolley cars, one with a second level ca. 1905

Aerial view of trolley cars passing through a residential area, Hyde Park Ave. 1913

Trolley car on Lafayette Street passing Hyde Park Avenue 1918

Horse and carriage and a trolley car on 7th Ave, Sans Souci Hotel, Schwartz's Groceries and Delicatessen Oct 1919

Trolley passes the Fessenden Real Estate Office on Nebraska Avenue (ca.1922)

Look down Franklin Street at carriages and trolley cars (no date, 1920's?)

Trolley cars, people, and automobiles at the intersection of Lafayette St. and Hyde Park Ave. Nov 1926

Franklin Street bustling with trolley cars, automobiles and people (1930's)

Looking down East Broadway Ave. at the Broadway Theater during the passing of a trolley car Nov 1936

Looking down 7th Avenue at a trolley car passing the Las Novedades Café (1937) Ritz Theater, Ybor City Chamber of Commerce 

Robertson & Fresh Photo Links

A Trolley car moves down a busy Tampa street (no date, 1940's?)

Aboard a trolley car Sept. 1942

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