Tampa Streetcar Fest 2004 - Centro Ybor - Page 5

Car 429 hums along 8th Avenue heading eastbound.


And now for something a little different...



This is Bruce Shwedick (the one with the hat) and Banana Boy, a 17-foot long albino python from Thailand.  Since 1974 Bruce has presented educational programs about reptiles for schools, colleges, universities and the U.S. Armed Forces.  He served for 6 years as the curator of reptiles at Florida's famed Cypress Gardens and he has recently presented the Reptile Discovery program at more than 600 public and private schools in 35 states.


Banana Boy enjoys travel, climbing, hiking, slithering, playing soccer and most of all, rodents of all sizes.

(Just kidding about the soccer.)

Visit www.reptilediscovery.com for more info.



Searching for Bobby Fischer

The white team's attempt at the knight's gambit has resulted in the loss of their queen--not good.


The white queenless king is now on the run--free to move about the country.








This gentleman quietly sits outside a shop in Centro Ybor, demonstrating the craftsmanship of cigarmaking.


Thousands of immigrant cigarmakers and their families came to Tampa in the late 1800's to early 1900's along with the big-name cigar manufacturers from Cuba and Key West.




Read an article from USF Digital Archives: The Evolution and Development of Ybor City by Dr. L. Glenn Westfall.



Tools of the trade








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