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The design of the Southern Transportation Plaza at the west end of the streetcar route is in stark contrast to the old-fashioned style of the cars themselves, but is it really?


tesla2.jpg (48919 bytes)Designers may have been influenced by the experiments of Nikola Tesla, early pioneer of electricity.  click-->



Click to see Tesla's business

stationery letterhead from

tesla.jpg (27979 bytes)













The station's unique roof allows the sun to shine in but reduces the heat.  The open air design allows the breeze to blow through so you can still enjoy the best of the Florida weather.














See the similarity of the streetcar station roof to the

Chicago World's Fair Tesla Exhibit






















The streetcar line is powered by Tampa Electric CO.

Click above to visit TECO's great website about the streetcar line.

Don't miss these outstanding photos of the Southern

Transportation Plaza from TECO's website.














The entrance to the Marriott Waterside is on the north side of the building, facing downtown.

















This bizarre structure is the stairwell to the parking garage situated adjacent to the St. Pete Times Forum, home of the Tampa Bay Lightning National Hockey League Team.













The St. Pete Times Forum, formerly the Ice Palace, is situated on (what else) St. Pete Times Forum Drive.


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