CHANNELSIDE DISTRICT - Page 3 - Harbour Island Bridge Area to East

Flowers along the east side of the Harbour Island Blvd. bridge create the foreground for this scene looking

east along Garrison Channel.  On the left is the Marriott Waterside and ahead is the Harbour Island East Bridge

with the Carnival Cruise Lines ship "Sensation" docked at the cruise ship terminal.




channelsidebridge9marriott.jpg (48421 bytes)channelsidebridge6marriott.jpg (60507 bytes)

Click to see other views of the Marriott from mid-bridge.






To the right, the north shore of Harbour Island along Garrison Channel which is off camera in the above photo.  Condos and apartments take up almost every foot of the waterfront.  The construction on the far right takes up the last available waterfront property.











A view of Harbour Island from the Harbour Island Bridge.  The glass-enclosed structure on the left, resting on the two tall columns, is the ill-fated former "People Mover" station.  The "People Mover" was an elevated roadway transportation system similar to a monorail, which connected Harbour Island to the Fort Brooke parking garage and the southern business area of Downtown Tampa.  High maintenance costs and lack of riders caused the city to close it down and dismantle it.

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