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The End of an Era - Goody Goody's Last Day - Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2005



Customers in original Goody Goody chairs.

Longtime patrons enjoy their burger P.O.X.

(Pickles, Onions & Secret Sauce)









It's not easy to smile when you're almost out of Goody Goody fries!


Troy and Bette Daniels Psoinos

Bette worked at the Goody Goody as carhop for years, beginning in 1954. She loved working at Goody Goody and made a lot of money for that time. She was paid $8 a week and made $125 a week in tips. 






Sid Rose, on the right, is the owner of George's sandwich shop at 4332 N. Nebraska Avenue.  The shop is a Tampa landmark and has been around for over 50 years.  Even Sid is a Goody Goody long-time customer!



A large crowd waited a long time long to enjoy their final Goody Goody experience on this bittersweet, historic day.



Customers waiting for their last Goody Goody Burger basket.   


Customers sitting in Goody Goody's original table-chairs.


All patrons photographed gave their written consent.










Yvonne and Mike autographing menu replicas from circa 1943.




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