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This vendor above specializes in Guavaween gear.  Guavaween is Ybor City's version of Halloween, Gasparilla and Mardi Gras combined.  Sorry Ybor Chamber, I can't recommend this event due to the "adult content" and behavior; especially not for families.


"Mama Guava" is the mascot of Guavaween, she parades around the park tossing Guavaween treats to all.




Mama Guava is not your typical average height female.

She's about 7 feet tall with her hat.













Jalapeņos de Ybor offers mouth-watering (and brow-sweating) delights such as the above shredded pork fajita topped with their specialty jalapeņo salsa.  




Acid reflux sufferers steer clear, unless you took your Prevacid.






I'll be frank, you be earnest--

there's nothing like a quick bite of a tasty dog.


The hot dog is the most noble food of all;

it feeds the hand that bites it.

Visit Mel's Hot Dogs







Fresh lemonade under the bright Florida sun on a Chamber of Commerce weather day.


Nothing could be finah, not even Carolina.







Here's another quick dog, this one doesn't bite the hand that feeds it.  Tampa's "Adopt a Greyhound" society was in attendance, 

trying to find homes for these gentle and friendly creatures.





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