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Car # 428 is sponsored by SunTrust Bank.  It's named "Shirley's Car" in memory of the late civic booster, well-known banker and community activist Shirley Ryals who died in 2000. 

Shirley's passengers are greeted by this bright smile as they drop a nickel into the fare collection box.

The Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) purchased eight historic replica streetcars from the Gomaco Trolley Company of Ida Grove, Iowa. Designed to HARTís specifications, the cars closely resemble the double-truck Birney cars operated in Tampa during the 1920s, the cityís heyday of streetcar service. (From the TECOLine website at:  http://www.tecolinestreetcar.org/about/about_vehicles.html )




Passengers are ready to ride on this replica of the early streetcars.

The replicas are brand new, the only ones of their kind--factory built with overhead

air-conditioning system.  


Old meets new.

Old-time advertisements

face modern climate control.


Streetcar Features:

  • All-steel unibody-welded construction
  • Non-slip vinyl flooring
  • Oak paneled interior
  • Oak and cherry wood flip seats
  • Electrically-operated doors with a sensing edge
  • Factory-installed air conditioning
  • Insulation and special glass to support the air conditioning system
  • An operatorís compartment at each end of the vehicle, including controls


  • An electronic fare box at each end capable of accepting cash, coins and magnetic encoded cards
  • A public announcement system with eight speakers per vehicle
  • Areas for interior advertising cards and holders for information
  • An automated next-stop announcement system using pre-recorded next-stop audio information in English and Spanish for vision impaired patrons
  • Digital information displays on each end of the vehicle to provide next-stop information for hearing impaired patrons
  • Area at both ends of the vehicle for up to two people using wheelchairs

Each vehicle is 46-feet long, 8-feet 6-inches wide. The vehicles are steel-framed with double four-wheeled trucks and four 25-hp GE traction motors mounted on Peter Witt-style trucks from ATM of Milan, Italy.

The streetcars operate on 600 volts of direct current provided by an overhead power distribution system. Each vehicle weighs 46,000 pounds and has a maximum operating speed of 30 mph. The capacity of each vehicle is 44 seated, with room for 40 standing passengers.  (From the TECOLine website at:  http://www.tecolinestreetcar.org/about/about_vehicles.html )










The bell cord cables are actually connected to a working bell.










The equipment on the left is the "gas" and the shifter.


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