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The downtown Tampa skyline as seen from the University of Tampa.  In the foreground is the Henry B. Plant Memorial Fountain titled "Transportation."

At the entrance to Plant Park is the Henry Bradley Plant Memorial Fountain, commissioned by Margaret Plant in 1899 after her husband's death. The fountain was carved from solid stone by George G. Barnard, and is the oldest public art in the city of Tampa. It was completely conserved in 1995.

The statue is titled "Transportation" and is situated above a circular fountain.  It features a ship and a train, symbols of the Plant's transportation network that drove and shaped Florida’s growth and development during the last part of the 19th century. The bow of a ship is at the center with a giant eagle perched over it holding a treasure chest in his talons. On either side are sea creatures, a male and a female. The male holds a locomotive on his shoulder, representing the Plant system of railways, and the female holds a steam ship representing the Plant Steamship Company. Fish are on the sides below spouting water into the fountain. Mrs. Plant had the sculpture installed in front of the hotel. The fountain itself is thought to have been designed and constructed by hotel staff at her direction. The statue is reportedly the oldest piece of public art in Tampa. Located within a traffic circle between Plant Park and the building’s entrance, it provides a focal point and popular backdrop for photographs by tourists and students of the university and their friends and family.

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A tribute to President John F. Kennedy is placed facing Kennedy Blvd. near the entrance to the university, in Plant Park.  Tampa was his last stop before his fateful trip to Dallas/Ft. Worth.

By Hampton Dunn, "Photouring Florida"

Today, on that boulevard and at the entrance to the University of Tampa and Plant Park, stands a simple but attractive monument honoring the late President. It was in this park that Kennedy’s local campaign for Presidency was launched in the bandshell.  A committee headed by Robert Florio financed the memorial with public subscription amounting to $18,000.

Sculptor Bernhardt Zuckerman of New York and Italy did the high relief sculpture on marble slab, of white Carrara marble. The backdrop is of black pearl granite.

The memorial was dedicated on May 30, 1966, by U.S. Congressman Sam Gibbons, a close friend of the President who escorted him throughout that last visit to Tampa. Gibbons called Kennedy a "martyr…to the new frontier of the human spirit."


John F. Kennedy Memorial Committee
Robert Florio, Chairman
Dr. Anthony C. Martino, V. Chairman
Robert Waterman, Sect.
Guy Burnett, Treas.


Hector Alcalde
Cesar Alfonso
Braulio Alonso
Armando Alvarez
Guy Badli
Robert Baner
Malcolm Beard
Ed Blackburn
James Calhoun
Robert Caravella
Adrian Castro
Charles Cowl
Bob Davis
Ray Delgado
Victor Dimaio
Chareles Dreyes
Fr. Larian J. Elliot
Jack Espinsoa
John Ferlita
Fr. Laurence Higgins

Manuel Fernandez
Nick Ficarrotta
Sol Fleischman
Dell Fonari
Toni Garcia
William Garcia
John Gassaway
Sam Gibbons
Hector Ginesta
Dick Greco
Doyle Harvill
Bernardo Hernandez
Sam Hyman
Robert Hudson
Anthony Italiano
Sam Klein
John La Barbera
E. Colin Lindsey
Cowboy Lutrell
Herman Massey
Thomas McMullen

James Mott
Nick Nuccio
Harry Reitaro
Ben Rawlins
Dewey Richardson
Jon Rodante
Lorenzo Rodriguez
Rudy Rodriguez
Harvey Ryals
Willie Santana
Raymond Sheldon
Charles Spicola
Dr. Anthony Spoto
Edward Spoto
Alice Staples
James Traina
Harold Tyler
Joseph Watson
Isidor Wohl
Elli York
Dave Powers.

Image of plaque provided by Tony Garcia


May 30, 1966
Sculptor Bernardo Zuckerman
Architect Cesar Alfonso
Contractor Myrtle Hill Memorial Park, Inc.
This memorial is a reality due to the support of the many citizens of our community and we gratefully acknowledge their unselfish assistance.


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