The University of Tampa - The old Tampa Bay Hotel

H.B. Plant Museum



The east side entrance to Plant Hall


downtown64tampau.jpg (100370 bytes)Henry B. Plant built this ornate Moorish structure at a cost of 3 million dollars.  Opened in 1891, it became the social and cultural center of early Tampa.  During the Spanish American War it became the headquarters for troops going to Cuba and housed such visitors as Col. Theodore Roosevelt, Clara Barton, Richard Harding Davis and Gen. Nelson Miles.  Purchased by the City of Tampa in 1905, it has served as the main building of the University of Tampa since 1933.

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The new sign at the new entrance, April 2011
Photo courtesy of Paul Rodriguez



This beautiful structure is also the home of the Henry B. Plant museum       

Museum web site

The minarets are synonymous with Tampa and have come to be the city's unofficial symbol.  Many years ago the minarets had deteriorated to the point of ruin but were restored due to a great campaign to save them.

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Go inside one of the minarets and see the view from the top in the video below.



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