Baron Blackheath
Announcing the commencement of the human chess match



From pawns to kings, contestants prepare to do battle


Queen Catherine Parr enjoys a combat chess match as her brother, Sir William Parr, stands guard.


Malcolm Gwylleth MacDurron battles an opponent with his mallet as Gwendolyn Drake shouts on.



Gwendolyn gets carried away, then gets used as a human shield by MacDurron




Malcolm MacDurron, a.k.a. Adam Richardson, does battle with Ray Hawkins the gray acrobat.



MacDurron slams Ray the Gray to the ground, then bows in victory.

See Malcolm do battle with the Gray Acrobat in video below.  After starting, click "HQ" to see in Hi Quality.



Malcolm Gwylleth McDurron

a.k.a. Adam Richardson

"Malcolm Smash"

of Tampa, FL


Adam is a 2001 graduate of Southwestern Oklahoma State University with a degree in Biology/Physiology and has a career as a Marine Biologist.  Well-suited for combat, Adam stands 6' 2" and is an imposing figure on any battlefield.  Adam enjoys Scottish Highland Games, knife making, video games, wakeboarding, rock climbing, sailing, comics, and lots more.


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Seymorr P. Freely, "an orphan without parents" says he.

Lady Kathryn de Faye
Kathyrn Weldon  is better-known as "Celtic~Fae" of St. Augustine, FL.
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Deputy Sheriff Aidan O'Shaunessy hails from Ireland

a.k.a. VentCover



Scott Mullen


Captain Mickey Flint, Privateer
a.k.a. Mickey Haugh

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Poor unfortunate beggar orphans
Oliver Pants, Penelope Freely and her brother, Seymorr P. Freely
(Rob Burgess, Amanda BouldinSeth Specht )

State-of-the-Art GPS




Follow us for free pie!

Penelope Freely (Amanda Bouldin) and Seymorr P. Freely (Seth Specht) lure patrons to the pie-eating contest


Penelope informs the contestants of the rules:  No utensils, no hands.








Not hungry



Watch the fun as Penelope and Seymorr P. Freely cheer on the contestants.

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