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Jan. 8, 2005

The Sulphur Springs water tower glows in the late afternoon sun on a picture perfect day for this historic event--the official night lighting of the tower.


The 13 acre park quickly fills with friends of the Tower.



Plans are for a "passive recreational park" on the 13 acre site, purchased three years ago at a cost of $2.85 million, with over $2 million of of it coming from the Hillsborough County Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program.
This tree offers vertical climbing for the pros and a horizontal trunk for the novices.

The most recent threat to the park was by Walgreen's Pharmacy who planned to build a store on a portion of the land.  Residents of Sulphur Springs began a campaign against the store and thus helped kill the plan.

A crowd gathers to enjoy the live entertainment by the Michael Southern Band and await the moment when Mayor Pam Iorio turns on the big switch.

Sulphur Springs Water Tower Lighting Ceremony

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