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Remember, the purpose of our page is to discuss Tampa topics--to remember places in Tampa that no longer exist (or still do) and other Tampa memories, history, nostalgia & trivia.  Sharing your thoughts and memories of your experiences in Tampa helps us all bring up vivid mental images of those "good old days."  Please observe the following guidelines to help make our photos and discussions more relevant to as many members and visitors as possible:

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  • Photos should show scenes of Tampa; people, places, events, items, memorabilia, etc.,  pertaining to Tampa or its past.  It doesn't necessarily need to be the main subject of the photo, it can be in the background or even be a small detail that evokes a Tampa-related memory.

  • Photos showing only a person, class, team or group, etc. without a Tampa scene, location, landmark, event, Tampa person of note, etc, in view should have some relevance to Tampa in subject. 

  • If you have multiple photos of basically the same scene, please consider picking the best one to represent the scene or event.

  • Please keep our purpose in mind.  Although your personal or family photos are enjoyable, a few once in a while go a long way.  If you have several or many you'd like to share, but their only relevance to Tampa is that they were taken in Tampa, please consider posting them to your own photo album.  You can then share it with Tampa Natives members by posting a link at Tampa Natives.  (You will need to set the album privacy to "Public" for everyone to be able to see it.)

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New photo added to Pony Portraits from our Fans album:   Shelley Williams with Jimmy, ca. 1959 07-01-16
Susan Levine Edgerly with Stacy Frank wearing Tampa Natives shirts 06-26-16
Article from the Nov. 24, 1976 Hillsborough High School newspaper, "The Red and Black" titled "HHS Recognizes Gerber baby" 06-19-16
New entry in album Business Ads from High School Yearbooks & Newspapers:   Tampa Skating Center ad from a June 8, 1977 Hillsborough High School newspaper 06-18-16
New photo added to Anniversary of Snow in Tampa Album:   Photo & caption from Feb. 14, 1977 Hillsborough High School newspaper "Red & Black" showing student holding snowballs on HHS football field "Gaither Field, Home of the Big Snow." 06-18-16
1978 aerial view looking south Hillsborough River, Brorein St., Crosstown Expressway and Platt St. bridges, and Davis Islands 06-14-16
New photo added to album  Hillsborough Co. & Tampa  Law Enforcement Through The Years:   Tampa Police Dept. band, ca. 1960s 06-14-16
Early 1970s view of downtown from Bayshore Park at the Brorein St. bridge 06-14-16
Confetti dance club, 4811 W. Cypress (formerly The Cypress Club) circa mid 1980s people on dance floor 06-14-16
Confetti dance club, 4811 W. Cypress (formerly The Cypress Club) circa mid 1980s motorcycles hanging from ceiling 06-14-16
The "crow's nest" at Tampa Stadium, Nov. 9, 1981, Bucs vs. Steelers 06-07-16
Veterans Memorial Park Museum Brochure 05-30-16
Veterans Memorial Park Museum Brochure 05-30-16
Memorial to Hillsborough County's World War 2 casualties, 1950s, placed at the county courthouse on Pierce St. 05-30-16
Memorial to Hillsborough County's World War 1 casualties, 1925, placed in Oldsmar 05-30-16
A mother and her six children posing in front of their MacDill field housing unit, circa 1940s 05-30-16
A mother and her children posing in front of their Christmas tree, circa 1940s 05-30-16
Jan. 17, 1963 Tampa Times newspaper clipping showing Tampans with their catch of fish at Pier 66, Ft. Lauderdale 05-30-16
Don Garlits class of 1950 photo in the Hilsborean yearbook, Hillsborough High School 05-29-16
Don Garlits High Performance World shop interior view on Main St just west of Himes, ca. 1971 05-29-16
Don Garlits posing in front of sign at his High Performance World shop exterior view on Main St just west of Himes, ca. 1971 05-29-16
Don Garlits High Performance World shop interior  view on Main St just west of Himes, ca. 1971 05-29-16
Don Garlits High Performance World shop interior view on Main St just west of Himes, ca. 1971 05-29-16
Don Garlits High Performance World shop exterior view on Main St just west of Himes, ca. 1971 05-29-16
New Album: Colonial Beach on Egypt Lake  11 photos - 1950s photos by Bob Youngblood and history of the beach, Ralston Beach and Egypt lake - Couples dancing in the pavilion, Al Epperson holding an alligator by its tail, Epperson holding a large fish, the dock on Egypt Lake, Aerial view of the beach, the beach & pavilion, view of the lake & beach, Colonial beach photos previously posted on the timeline added to the album: Ads for Colonial Beach in High School yearbooks, children in dance hall at Christmastime, Children sitting on bench outside pavilion, sign on Dale Mabry pointing toward Colonial Beach 05-27-16
Colonial beach photos by Bob Youngblood 1950s  Pier & lake  Aerial view  Egypt Lake  Al Epperson holding an alligator by its tail    Al Epperson holding a large fish at Egypt Lake   Couples dancing in the pavilion at Colonial Beach    05-25-16
Aerial of Tampa circa 1920s looking north toward Henderson School and black water tank 05-20-16
Hyde Park Grammar School Gorrie Elementary marble plaque on brick wall  J. B. Anderson, S. L Lowry, T. E. Lucas, Architects Bonfoey & Elliott, Snderson C. Teasley contractors, erected 1912 05-19-16
Early 1920s Tampa map from Automobile Blue Book Publishing Co. 05-18-16
Late 1920s aerial view of Tampa looking south toward Seddon and Davis Islands 05-18-16
Map of Tampa from a Mirabella's Seafood Restaurant place mat, 1960s 05-17-16
Unknown fire station on the outskirts of Ybor City circa early 70s 05-17-16
Fishermen displaying their catch at Dawson's Fishing Camp, circa 1940s 05-15-16
Stephen Stills in concert, Plant High School alumni 05-15-16
NEW album - Tampa Business College diploma of Ouida Garland Reaks, 1919, graduation photo in frame of class of 1919 outside the school, same photo larger by Burgert Brothers 05-08-16
New cover photo - Tampa Bay Lightning captain Dave Andreychuk holding up the Stanley Cup added to cover photo montage 05-08-16
NEW Album: Sulphur Springs water tower drone flyover 18 photos by Paul Rodriguez 05-07-16
Video: Sulphur Springs water tower drone video by Paul Rodriguez 05-07-16
1945 Census in Tampa of Ouida Garland Reaks, graduate of Tampa Business College 05-07-16
Two Tampa police officers standing by their squad car 1960s Chevrolet with tail fins 05-04-16
Montage of photos from Tampa Natives Law enforcement album announcing opening of new Sheriff's Museum in Ybor City by Capt. Jim Bradford (Sheriff Ed Blackburn, Carl Shawver, John Harper, 04-30-16
NEW Album: Hotel DeSoto - 42 photos of Hotel De Soto on Zack & Marion streets, 1890s to 1950s 04-24-16
Alpine Liquor Store exterior view of cars parked, Seminole Heights circa late 1930s 04-19-16
Nine men posing in front of the Macfarlane Park pavilion West Tampa for dedication ceremony on day before WT was incorporated into Tampa, Dec. 31, 1924: Councilman George Benjamin, West Tampa Mayor Enrique Henriquez, Tampa Mayor Perry G. Wall (with cane, holding hat), attorney Hugh C. Macfarlane, City Commissioner Sumter L. Lowry, Councilman Jose Vasquez, Dr. Adams, and Councilman William Barritt. 04-16-16
Exterior view of Hutto's Corner with cars parked alongside on North Blvd. 1950s 04-11-16
Joe Duran Jr. little league portrait ca. 1959, namesake of Duran Park in Riverside Heights, and story of his short life 04-10-16
A helicopter and two cars parked in the Tampa Bay Marina parking lot with Philips 66 sign on Hoover Blvd. & Mariner St. zip 33609 circa 1970s 04-10-16
Cover of LP record showing Cincinnati Reds celebrating World Series win 1975 "And this one belongs to the Reds!" narrated by Marty Brennaman (Fleetwood compatible stereo fdp3092) 04-04-16
Pages from 1959 baseball spring training game program Cincinnati Reds Chicago White Sox with Hotel Floridan ad, Hotel Tampa Terrace ad, Las Novedades "La Goya" dining room ad 04-01-16
1955 map of Tampa and greater metro area 03-30-16
1947 map of Tampa and greater metro area 03-30-16
Lindell Volkswagen license plate "Tampa, Florida - We Really Care" 3900 W. Kennedy Blvd 03-16-16
Full auditorium of people seated at the Centro Asturiano Oct. 14, 1920 03-14-16
Aerial view of First National Bank tower (First Florida Tower) completed in 1973 03-12-16
Tampa Natives' 8,000th "Like" on Facebook, Robert Varon 03-11-16
Joe Haskins Bicycle Shop sign painted on side of his shop 03-11-16
Colorized poster from 1937, La Verbena del Tabaco festival 03-04-16
Five ladies La Verbena del Tabaco festival queens wearing bathing suits posing in a giant cigar box, ca. 1937
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University of Tampa football team photo 1936 & history of the Bacardi Bowl vs. Cuba 02-02-16
Photo of framed photo of Tampa Stadium marquee sign Bucs vs. Seattle Oct. 17 01-28-16
License plate showing score of Tampa Bay Buccaneers first regular season victory against New Orleans Saints 1977 01-17-16
Photo added to Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Bay album - 50 things to do in Tampa BAY 12-26-15
New Tampa Natives cover photo - Happy New Year 2016 12-26-15
NEW photo album - West Tampa water tank aerial photos by Paul Rodriguez, Dec. 23, 2015
VIDEO - West Tampa water tank aerial with music
Cover of 2016 Sulphur Springs Memories calendar available for purchase 12-18-15
Gordon Solie, announcer from Championship Wrestling from Florida and Sunshine Speedway (repeated photo) 12-10-15
First line showing edits to FDR President Franklin D. Roosevelt's "attack on Pearl Harbor" speech, Dec. 8, 1941 12-07-15
Cover of book "Yesterday's Tampa" by Hampton Dunn, published 1972 12-01-15
Entrance to the Davis Islands bridge off Bayshore Blvd., circa 1930s
Close up of right side of same photo
Veazey's Restorium at 6806 Nebraska Avenue, circa 1950s 11-27-15
Tampa Greyhound Track at 8230 Nebraska Ave. in Sulphur Springs; photo finish booth, circa late 1940s 11-27-15
Crowd gathered around captured alligator at Boyd's Sunoco service station at 5401 Nebraska Ave., circa 1940s 
Close up of left side of same photo   Close up of right side of same photo
Monkey pumping gas at Boyd's Sunoco service station, 5401 Nebraska Ave., Tampa, 1936 11-27-15
New Tampa Natives Cover Photo - Merry Christmas - Lehman house on Braddock Street decorated circa 1960s 11-26-15
Entrance to Camp Nebraska on N. Nebraska Avenue, present day street view 11-25-15
New Tampa Natives Cover Photo - Happy Thanksgiving, Mario & Sally Nunez, Steve Cannella, Dan Perez 11-25-15
New photo album - O. Falk's department store on Franklin Street and Tampa Street, Offin Falk, David Falk, news clippings, Falk Theater 11-21-15
NEW photo album - J. J. Newberry Five & dime store, Franklin Street, 1941 and 1950s, interior, exterior & employees 11-20-15
Marching band performs on Florida Avenue in front of the Elks Club and the Tampa Terrace Hotel during the Gasparilla parade, circa early 1950s 11-14-15
Gasparilla children's parade on Franklin Street in front of Adams Magnon jewelry store and Fremacs, Feb. 1956 11-14-15
J. J. Newberry jewelry department, 1941 11-14-15
NEW photo album - West Tampa Webe Club barn dance program from Aug. 9, 1940 11-13-15
Flavor of West Tampa banner at Macfarlane Park, Nov. 7, 2015 11-08-15
VIDEOS - Flavor of West Tampa, Nov. 7, 2015 - Columbia Flamenco Dancers #1   Columbia Flamenco Dancers #2  
Columbia Flamenco Dancers #3   Jenki Gomez performing clown act
New Facebook option to view comments in chronological order 11-07-15
A husband and wife behind their meat counter at a grocery store, circa 1940s 11-05-15
"Tampa, Google it" in new Google style font 11-01-15
A busy day on Franklin Street, lloking south from 900 block of Tyler St., Kress, Wolf Bros., Grants, Thom McAn, Tampa Theater, etc, circa 1950s 11-01-15
Tree-covered area by the beach with picnickers relaxing in the sand, circa 1930s 11-01-15
In memory of T.P.D. Detective Richard "Dick" Cloud, 40 years to the day Oct.23,1975 10-24-15
Eve of the 94-year anniversary of the 1921 Tampa hurricane, damage to homes at Palmetto Beach, Oct. 26, 1921 10-24-15
Eve of the 94-year anniversary of the 1921 Tampa hurricane, damage to the Hayes bungalow at Edgewater Park on McKay Bay, Oct. 26, 1921 10-24-15
Eve of the 94-year anniversary of the 1921 Tampa hurricane, damage to homes at Palmetto Beach, Oct. 26, 1921 10-24-15
How to "Join in the Fun" at Tampa Natives 10-24-15
Singer treadle sewing machine from circa 1851, Historic Hyde Park 10-23-15
Group of Gary School students, class photo, no year 10-23-15
NEW photo album - Tampa Drug Company - Interior, exterior, personnel, advertisement & badge 10-23-15
Sanborn Fire Insurance map showing Wells Park, now Wellswood area, no date 10-23-15
Vintage door bell in Historic Hyde Park, Oct. 2015 10-18-15
Sidewalk engraving showing Holmes & Binkley 1922, Oct. 2015 10-18-15
NEW photo album - Gasparilla parade floats circa 1910s 10-16-15
Palmetto Hotel on the northeast corner of Florida Ave. and Polk St., circa 1900 10-15-15
Oaks on the Fort Brooke garrison, 1895 10-14-15
Tampa street scene; mules for the Spanish American war, July 1898 10-14-15
Old brick Lutz schoolhouse interior corridor view, Oct. 2015  
North Tampa Bulletin newspaper Nov. 1912 10-12-15
Old brick Lutz Elementary School montage, Oct. 2015 10-12-15
Tampa Natives Show "Production Staff" T-shirt 10-07-15
NEW Video: Busch Gardens commercial hosted by Ed McMahon, late 1960s - Some brief views of the escalator and  the brewery tour, inside, the Swiss Colony House, and the African Veldt. Circa late 1960s 10-07-15
Deserted and deteriorating Tampa Greyhound track at Sulphur Springs 10-04-15
Frank Evans, Tampa Native & hillbilly music star photo montage and link to his music 09-30-15
Vintage Hillsborough High School Terrier T-shirt, 1970s 09-27-15
Old bottle from Florida Brewing Company, circa 1920s 09-27-15
Photos (2) added to album Tampa Scenes from School Yearbooks - Notable Carrollwood 1961 and Golden Gate Speedway 1964 09-25-15
NEW Video: 8mm home movie of Busch Gardens, 1964. The escalator, the penguins, the brewery, the flamingos, the bird show and the gardens 09-25-15
Photos added (187) to Business Ads from School Yearbooks - Colonial Beach, Frisch's Big Boy, Dee's Dog n Suds, Saltz Shoes, Cypress Cycle Center, Drew Realtors, Don & Eddie's Snack Shop, Ferrell Jewelry, First State Bank of Lutz, Jim Harrell Pontiac, Lollipop Lane Nursery, Mary Carter Paintes, Midway Drugs, Wright's Grocery, Amelia's Interiors, Dairy Queen, Drew Park Lock & Key, Ferman Chevrolet,  Michelle's Fashion Villa, Midway Bank of Tampa, Mullet Inn, Raoul's Beauty Salon, Alfonso & Rodriguez General Contractors, Azzarelli Construction Co., Broadway National Bank of Tampa, Cannon Music Co., Tampa Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Capital National Bank of Tampa, Davis Brothers Insurance Agnecy, Davis Islands Super Market, Eagle Drugs, Flair Homes, Florida Dairy, Gulf Coast Business Machines, Brooks Massey Dodge, Hook & Holtsinger Co., J.H. Williams Oil Co., Jim Strickland's Old Meeting House, Jim Quinlan Chevrolet, Norma Coffee Mills Inc, Malio's Tropics Restaurant, Midway Bank, National Shirt Shops, Pepin Distributing, Raul Vega, Sharpe-Taylor Cadillac, University Pharmacy, Tampa Cycle Co., Tampa Federal Savings, Tampa Greyhound Track, Treasure Isle Seafood (Ocean Products, Inc.), DeCaprio's Catering and Faedo's Bakery, Di Hilco's Jewelry, Hillsborough Plaza Barbr Shop, Hutto's Corner, La Teresita Grocery, Matsuda Judo Karate & Wrestling School, Pieces band, Book Nook, Farner's Shoes, Jack Freeman Music, Maria's Italian Restaurant, Minna's Showcase, Morrison's Cafeteria, Shakey's Pizza Parlor, Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream, DeCaprio Caterer & Faedo's Bakery, Gingiss Formal Wear Center, Jennie's Flower Shop, La Loma Market, La Tasca Restaurant, Obi's Sandwich Shop, A-C Foreign Parts Recyclers, Big Top Sandwich Shop, Dumas Sign & Trophy Shop, Eagle Drugs, George Guida & Sons,  Hayman Jewelry Co., Jimbo's Pit Bar B-Q, Robbins Mfg. Co., Sanchez Bakery, Armenia Floral Gardens, DeCaprio Catrers, Cafe Sevilla, El Carmelo Spanish Restaurant, Elisa's & Hector's Health Club, Ideal Cigarette & Music Co., Imperial Room, Italian Village Expresso Cafe, Kash n' Karry, Masons Sporting Goods, Peoples Bank of Hillsborough County, Power Kleen Corp, Regal Lanes, Stigall's Family Billiards, Tanner Paint Co., Tung-Tung Chinese Restaurant, Bonnie & Clyde, County Seat, Jackie's Dance Studio, Latam Restaurant, Outa Ma Tree, Peoples Bank, Regal Lanes, T-Formation, Wilson's Pro Shop at Crown Lanes, 42nd Street Pub, Aguilar Cycle Sales, Ann Marie Dance Centre, Chick-fil-A, Dawn Hair Designs, Dorr's Laundry, Estate Brokers of Tampa, Fantastic Sam's, Lupton's Fat Man's Bar-B-Que, Insty-Prints Printing, Langston's Used Auto Parts, Latin Village Spanish Restaurant, Main Street Ice Cream Parlor, Plaza Gulf Service Center, Proud Lion Pub, Reddy Kilowatt TECO Mascot, Saldanos Fresh Seafood, TG&Y stores, Tony's Deli, University Pharmacy, Woody's Greek Salads, World Bazaar, Zayre's Department Store, Betty's Flowers, Bonanza Sirloin Pit, Cheep Shirt, Frisch's Big Boy, Gennaro's restaurant, Hair by Diana, Honey Bee Shop, Orange Julius, Albertson's Southco grocery store, Andy's Golf Carts, Becky's Hairstyling Salon, CDB Italian Restaurant, Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre, Edward's Music, Godfather's Pizza, Habersham Plantation Country Store, Living Kitchens Inc., Peoples, Terrace Camera & Card Shop, Will's Volkswagen Repair, Lupton's Fat Man's Bar-B-Que, Beverage Castle, Brocato's Sandwich Shop, The Klip Joint, The Original Mel's Hot Dogs, Sexton Valenti Inc. Fresh & Frozen Foods, Carla's Dance Studio, Rax Restaurants, Shell's Feed & Garden Supply, Cafe Don Jose, Janitor's Closet,  Lupton's Fatman's Restaurants, Paesano's, Barnes Harley Davidson of Tampa, Y Not frozen Yogurt, Golden China Restaurant, Main Street Video, University Bowl, Bay Side Bistro, Billy Ray';s Manhattan Oil Co., Simon Schwartz grocery store, The Colonnade, Dairy Joy, Kojak's House of Ribs, Rent-A-Movie, Al's Elite Hair Styling Salon, Putt-Putt Golf & Games, Scaglione's University Restaurant, Don Banks Music, Karl's Restaurant, Antranik's Bakery & Deli, Cafe Don Jose, Lenny & Vinny New York Pizzeria, Ruben's Cubans, 3 photos of Susan Houx.


NEW Video: Home movie showing Busch Gardens bird show and Tampa International Airport on Columbus Drive  in 1965 09-24-15
La Gaceta newspaper clipping photo Freddie Carreño, business partner Roberto Rodeiro, and Bob Martinez on the occasion of their retirement and sale of their Cafe Seville Restaurant to Martinez, May 16, 1975 09-23-15
Tampa Natives 7,000th "Like" Elsie Alexander 09-23-15
Tampa Natives fan page "Likes" 6,996; four more to reach 7,000 09-23-15
1990 Robinson High School yearbook Excalibur ad for Manhattan Oil Co. with photo of shop and owner Billy Ray 09-23-15
George Washington Jr. High School display of student council presidents, 1927 - 1982 09-23-15
Jefferson High School "Golden Dragons" 1944 football schedule poster 09-23-15
Group photo at former G. Washington Jr. High School of local extras who appeared in 1992 movie Cop and a Half filmed in Tampa 09-23-15
George Washington Jr. High West Division Champion plaque, Hillsborough County 1969 - 1970 09-23-15
Photo added to album Hillsborough Co. and Tampa Law Enforcement  - HCSO on patrol in a 1970 Plymouth Belvedere at a Jesuit High School parade, 1971 09-23-15
Screen shot looking toward Armenia and Tampa Bay Blvd. McDonald's from the Fiesta Plaza parking lot, from the TV movie "In the Line of Duty" partly filmed in Tampa, starring Michael Gross and David Soul  09-22-15
Screen shot scenes of Ybor City from 1987 HBO movie "Long Gone" - 7th Avenue, Italian Club, Silver Ring 09-22-15
Photos added (21) to album Tampa Scenes from School Yearbooks - CDB Pizza, Western Sizzlin Steak house sign, West Tampa Latin Quarter sign, Lamas Restaurant, Churchill's Fish & Chips, San Souci Sandwich Shop, Spinning Wheel Motors, Northwest Christian Church, Lest Oil gas station, Foster Lincoln Mercury, Sea Wolf Restaurant sign, Terrace Connection shopping center sign, Eastlake Square mall sign & Morrison's Cafeteria sign, Terrace Plaza sign, Rainbow Bridge at Lowry Park's Fairyland, Austin Cinema sign, downtown skyline from I-75-I-4 interchange, Westshore Plaza mall interior (2), color nighttime neon lights on Franklin Street, Westshore Plaza sign 09-21-15
Photos added (10) to album Hillsborough Co. and Tampa Law Enforcement - Tampa Deputy Fire Marshal Bert Fox circa 1968, from Bert Fox's collection. Portrait, promotion order, patch, candid arson investigation, Al Lopez Field sign, building a parade float, Drew Park Fire Dept., fire boat Gail Holland, unknown firefighter in action, Tampa fire officials in their cars circa 1920s 09-18-15
Collection of glass bottles from Maximo Diaz, Ybor City druggist, 1890-1911 09-17-15
Collection of glass bottles from the Florida Brewing Company, 1898 to 1911 09-17-15
Aerial view across Ybor Channel of Channelside area, Feb. 1973 09-16-15
Color photo aerial view of Gasparilla pirate ship invasion and flotilla, circa 1947 - 1952 09-16-15
Photo added to album Cincinnati Reds at Al Lopez field and Redsland:   Redsland - Catcher Johnny Bench and pitcher Tom Seaver, first day of spring training workout, Feb 24,1982 09-16-15
View of downtown looking north from on the Harbour Island People Mover track, June 1998 09-16-15
Shell casings from blanks fired at Gasparilla parade 09-13-15
Group portrait of Gorrie Elementary School 2nd-graders on steps of the school, 1907 09-10-15
NEW Video: I'm Goin' Down To Tampa To Settle Down, 1942 color film compilation of trip from Lake Wales, FL to St. Petersburg, FL.  Includes scenes of  Lake Wales, Cypress Gardens, trees being tapped for turpentine making, Tampa scenes: Downtown from across the river, Franklin St. neon lights including Tampa and Florida Theaters, two young female African-American toddlers, a dirt road somewhere in the Tampa area, Ben T. Davis Causeway toll booth arch, Davis causeway and bridge, unknown beach, flowers, Welcome to St. Petersburg visitor center sign, street scene in downtown St. Pete, the Million Dollar Pier, the Vinoy hotel, Webb's City exterior and interior, pelicans on a pier, ducks in a pond, cat washing himself on the hood of a car, St. Petersburg-Bradenton Ferry, riding the ferry across Tampa Bay, cars debarking from the ferry, a beautiful sunset somewhere in the Tampa Bay area, closing credits. 09-09-15
Group portrait of Wilson Junior High School Cheerleaders, 1956 09-08-15
Group portrait of Wilson Junior High School Basketball team, 1956 09-08-15
Group portrait of Wilson Junior High School students, 1917 09-08-15
The DeWitt Brown, circa 1918, a four-masted sailing ship captained by Charles Dempster, grandfather of George C. Glasser 09-08-15
NEW Photo Album:  Labor Day Special - Cigar workers gathered in the street 1899, Striking workers during "La huelga de la pesa" (the Scales Strike). Labor Day parade on Franklin St. in Tampa 1900 showing floats, C.C. Burns Furniture and Wolf Brothers store, Workers gathered in front of the Labor Temple building on8th Avenue in Ybor City 1921, Labor Temple building formerly the German-American Club on Nebraska Avenue 1927, The Labor Temple at 1500 9th Ave at 16th St, 1930s and 1927 article about protesters for the Sacco & Vanzetti trial, 1927, Panoramic Cirkut camera photo and close ups of sections of Egypt Temple Labor Day Picnic at Egypt Lake, Tampa, 1928. Lectores banned from factories; strike, 1931 Labor Temple, Ybor 09-07-15
NEW Video: Bob Vila of "This Old House" intro to 1985 episode in Tampa 09-07-15
Photo added to Pony Portraits from our Fans Album: Vickie Aleman-Barnes with Jimmy, 1960-62, West Tampa 09-05-15
Mugshot of drug smuggler kingpin Carlos Lehder Rivas from U.S. Marshal's office in Tampa, Feb. 5, 1987 09-03-15
Bathing beauties holding the world's biggest cigar on their shoulders, Feb. 20, 1935 09-03-15
Photo added to album Cincinnati Reds at Al Lopez Field and Redsland: Pete Rose holding a baseball at spring training game at Al Lopez Field with Tampa Stadium in the background, March 17, 1978 09-03-15
NEW Photo Album: 1940 Major League Baseball All Star game at Plant Field, Tampa, to benefit Finland's victims of Russian attack - Mel Ott, of the New York Giants; Ernie Lombardi, Cincinnati Reds; Joe DiMaggio, New York Yankees, and Jimmie Foxx, Boston Red Sox examining their bats, Joe DiMaggio and brothers Vince of the Cincinnati Reds; and Dominic of the Boston Red Sox, Various newspaper articles about the game, newspaper photo of Al Lopez sliding into third. 09-03-15
Photo added to Album Tampa Natives vs. Tampa BAY: Southwest Airlines flight confirmation to Tampa BAY, Tampa Bay awaits! 09-03-15
Hillsborough County school buses lined up at Turkey Creek High School, possibly 1930s 09-02-15
NEW Photo Album, 1929 & 1930 Color Photos of Tampa and the Area:  Downtown skyline, TECO power plant, Platt St. Bridge and Hillsborough River as seen from Davis Islands, Spanish woman modeling with flowers in her hair, woman sitting on Davis Islands seawall with ship docked at Seddon Island in background, group portrait of men dressed as pirates at Gasparilla, two ladies dressed as pirates with pistols and a Gasparilla poster, people playing obstacle golf on lawn of Mirasol Hotel Davis Islands, Ladies dressed in swim suits at beach with Don Cesar Hotel in background St. Petersburg, Visitors playing shuffleboard near Mirror Lake St. Petersburg, A girl posing by a garden gate covered in bignoni St Petersburg, Fishing boats at the sponge dockes in Tarpon Springs. 09-02-15
Jim Mora, head coach of the USFL Philadelphia Stars, being carried by his players after winning the championship game in Tampa Stadium on July 15, 1984 09-01-15
Babe Ruth of Boston Braves warming up for a spring training game at Plant Field in Tampa, 1935 09-01-15

Elevated view of downtown Tampa, Platt St. Bridge & TECO power plant in Hyde Park, looking north from Davis Islands, color photo, 1930

Washington Redskins Quarterback Joe Theismann on media picture day at Tampa Stadium, Jan. 17, 1984, Super Bowl XVIII (18), the first Super Bowl held in Tampa 09-01-15
NY Giants head coach Bill Parcells being  drenched with ice water at Tampa Stadium, January 27, 1991, Super Bowl XXV (25),vs. Buffalo Bills 09-01-15
Bucs fans in stands holding up signs during during NFC Championship game against the L.A. Ram in Tampa Stadium, Jan. 6, 1980 09-01-15
Roger Maris of NY Yankees watching his home run at spring training game against Cincinnati Reds at Al Lopez Field, Mar. 25, 1962 09-01-15
NEW photo added to Hillsborough Co. and Tampa Law Enforcement album Tampa Police Officer Manny DeCastro poses with Minnie Miñoso and Luis Aparicio of the 1957 Chicago White Sox 09-01-15
Rock group Metallica standing on bleachers with stage and crowd background at Tampa Stadium, June 5, 1988 09-01-15
Children and teachers posing at the sign of Helping Hand Day Nursery Kindergarten, 1925 09-01-15
Jerry and Olivia Boza 08-29-15
Cover of Jesuit High School Tiger yearbook, 1971 08-29-15
Red Horse at Ybor Square yellow pages ad, no date 08-27-15
Shakey's Pizza Parlor yellow pages ad, no date 08-27-15
Tricia Robertson turning off the lights at Tampa Stadium after the last football game ever to be played there, Bucs vs. Detroit Lions, Dec. 28, 1997, a Bucs victory, 20-10. 08-25-15
Crowd in front of Florida Theater on Franklin St, for movie "Torpedoed"and "Hero For A Day" 1939 08-22-15
Array of various high school yearbooks purchased at an estate sale; Jefferson, King, Robinson, Leto, Chamberlain 08-22-15
Representing Tampa Natives Show for a benefit for kids by Teddy Dupay, 3 Points for Kids in Ybor City/West Tampa 08-13-15
Harry Smith of Smith Health Club holding "Thank You Harry" poster on 90th birthday 08-08-15
Harry Smith with John Oliva 08-08-15
Harry Smith blowing out candles on his cake, 90th birthday celebration 08-08-15
Memorial Jr. High School basketball team photo, 1961-62 08-03-15
"Salt Life" t-shirt showing "TAMPA" instead of Tampa BAY 07-28-15
The W. F. Stovall Building on the northeast corner of Madison and Franklin St., 1921 07-27-15
Ad for the Colonial Hotel at Sulphur Springs in 1915 Tampa Board of Trade publication 07-25-15
Phillips 66 road map of Tampa and St. Pete, 1954 07-24-15
Ad for the Jimi Hendrix Experience at Curtis Hixon Hall, Nov. 23, 1968 07-22-15
Tampa Stadium Construction, 1967 - elevated view looking southeast toward Al Lopez Field and downtown 07-21-15
Tampa Stadium Construction, 1967 - elevated view looking northeast toward Buffalo Ave. and Himes and Loch Raven Golf Course 07-21-15
Several businessmen on the field of Tampa Stadium for media event signing document, Jan 18, 1969 - George Levy, Sam Bailey, Tom McDonald, Jimmy Kynes, Ray Graves and possibly J.H. Williams and George Vass. 07-20-15
Tampa Stadium Construction, 1967 - helicopter lowering bleachers to two construction workers 07-20-15
King Kong gorilla hole at Dr. Bragg's Fantasia Golf at Lowry Park, no date 07-20-15
Card good for 1 free round of golf at Fantasia Golf, Lowry Park, circa 1976-79 07-19-15
Architect's sketch of the new Tampa Electric Company TECO office building to be built at Dale Mabry and Grand Central Ave (Kennedy Blvd.), 1956 07-14-15
ESPN video clip of Keith "One Time" Thurman praising "the city of Tampa Bay" 07-11-15
A young Benjamin Chalmers Graham (B. C. Graham), 1894 07-08-15
Tampa Natives' 6,000th "Like" Mike Perez 07-07-15
Screen shot of Tampa Natives "Likes" at 5,995 07-06-15
NEW photo album - Fourth of July, 4th of July, Independence Day Liberty parade on Franklin Street, with close ups of sections, 1918 07-03-15
NEW Photo Album - 3 photos of children at local TV show Romper Room in Tampa 07-02-15
Children with "Do Bee" of Romper Room in Tampa, 1981 07-01-15
Video clip from "Outrageous Acts of Science" featuring Eric Cordo from "Tampa BAY" 06-20-15
New photo added to Hillsborough Co. and Tampa Law Enforcement album: Newspaper photo clipping of HCSO's first Riot Squad, Sept. 27, 1964 06-16-15
Goody Goody's aluminum dining room chairs were EMECO 1006  (Ten O Six) "Navy" chairs and Betty Grable legend 06-14-15
NEW Album - Analysis of photo with conclusion it is of Feb 14, 1895 snow in Tampa - Academy of Holy Names Convent, Hillsborough County Courthouse 06-13-15
New photo added to Hillsborough Co. and Tampa Law Enforcement album: HCSO deputies Red Tillis and James Lillard with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Circa mid to late 1950s 06-10-15
6 images added to Hillsborough County and Tampa Law Enforcement album:  Tampa Police Department meter maids on Gasparilla Day February 13, 1961. 06-10-15
Photo added to Tampa vs. Tampa Bay Album - Framed photo at Pizza Hut "Tampa BAY City Limit, Our Hometown" 06-07-15
Photo added to Tampa vs. Tampa Bay Album - Escot Bus Lines in Tampa BAY, Colliers International window sign, Mayor of Chicago makes bet with Mayor of Tampa BAY. 06-07-15
Hillsborough High School's 1909 football gridiron champions on the steps of the Tampa Bay Hotel 06-06-15
Poster promoting fan fest for Championship Wrestling From Florida June 11, 2015 fund raiser for memorial at Jewish Community Center renovation of Ft. Homer Hesterly Armory 06-06-15
Rear end of ESCOT Bus Lines tour bus on the Interstate showing their phone number in Tampa BAY, FL 06-03-15
Chatterbox Lounge exterior and signage "Farewell good friend..." no date 05-20-15
Poster promoting Centro Asturiano's Authentic Flamenco Dinner Show by Sombras Flamencas, July 20, 2015 05-20-15
Tampa Natives Show sponsors poster at Brocato's Sandwich Shop 05-06-15
New photo added to Hillsborough Co. and Tampa Law Enforcement album: HCSO Deputy George Pinegar and his wife and car circa 1955 05-02-15
9 photos added to Hillsborough Co. and Tampa Law Enforcement album: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office motorcycle unit with Sheriff Culbreath, 1950 05-01-15
Photo added to Tampa vs. Tampa Bay Album - Albert Einstein equation for Tampa BAY 04-28-15
Screen capture of ascene from TV series "Blue Bloods" showing police evidence box labeled "Tampa Bay Police" 04-27-15
Future Farmers yearbook photo Vocational Agriculture class  FFA Chapter members at Chamberlain High School, 1961 04-25-15
Photo added to Tampa vs. Tampa Bay Album - "If you're from Tampa BAY, I'm from Mississippi River" 04-24-15
Photo added to Tampa vs. Tampa Bay Album: Tampa Natives 3rd Lemming Award given to Tampa International Airport "Welcome to Tampa Bay" sign 04-22-15
Autographed photo of Eduardo Zacchini the human cannonball in mid flight, no date 04-22-15
Old Tampa post cards showing Church of Our Lady of Mercy, Ybor City and Park n Shop, Tampa street downtown, no date 04-21-15
Old Tampa post cards showing the terminal at Peter O. Knight Airport on Davis Islands and Beautiful Bayshore Blvd, no date 04-21-15
Old Tampa post cards showing De Soto Hotel, unknown place, and Municipal Hospital on Davis Islands, no date 04-21-15
Child king and queen of Gasparilla riding on parade float, 1959 04-19-15
Newspaper clipping of 1920s photo showing Tampa Stock Farms Dairy for being first to pasteurize milk in Tampa 04-18-15
Montage of photos of Jim Strickland's Old Meeting House and Harold Scott, the ice cream man 04-17-15
Flyer for UNICO's Annual Jaibada (crab enchilado fest) at Tampa Letter Carriers Hall on Cypress, April 26, 2015 04-17-15
Office window advertising for Equus Capital Partners and Colliers International in "Tampa Bay, FL" 04-16-15
Photo added to Tampa vs. Tampa Bay Album - Tampa Natives 2nd Lemming Award to  Kathy from Tampa Bay, Florida on Hyundai commercial 04-11-15
Woodrow Wilson Middle School brochure promoting 100-year anniversary Drop-In Reception and School Tour 04-11-15
Video clip: Hyundai commercial with Kathy "from Tampa Bay, Florida" 04-10-15
New photo added to Hillsborough Co.and Tampa Law Enforcement photo album: Deputy Hilton Horton, Duchess the bloodhound, and Sheriff Blackburn in April 1962 04-10-15
Tampa Natives Show hosts Mario Nunez and Steve Cannella with special guest Leroy Staley, April 9, 2015 04-09-15
Photo added to Tampa vs. Tampa Bay Album - NCAA Women's Final Four promoters receive the first Tampa Natives Lemming Award 04-05-15
New photo added to Hillsborough Co. and Tampa Law Enforcement Album - HCSO car in the parking lot of the Morgan St. Jail - 1970 Plymouth Belvedere 4-door sedan, circa 1970. 04-05-15
9 photos added to Hillsborough Co.and Tampa Law Enforcement album:  Bookkeeper George Cannella retirement press release and news article, 1988,  and photo of him at his desk 1978 04-05-15
Photo added to Tampa vs. Tampa Bay Album Introducing the Tampa Natives Lemming Award 04-04-15
WFLA News Channel 8 feature on Cornelius the Mystery Monkey of Tampa BAY 04-04-15
Photo added to Tampa vs. Tampa Bay Album - Best Bets: Things to do in Tampa Bay AREA - Tampa Tribune gets it right 04-03-15
Video clip: One-sided challenge - Ann Gilbert of "Shapes" issues a challenge to "the city of Tampa Bay" 04-03-15
Newspaper clipping "Kings and Queens seek city-wide crowns" April 1942 Tampa Tribune (reposted for higher visibility) 04-03-15
Newspaper clipping "Kings and Queens seek city-wide crowns" April 1942 Tampa Tribune 04-03-15
Newspaper clipping photo of elementary school king and queen candidates for May Day celebration April 17, 1942 Tampa Daily Times (reposted for higher visibility) 04-03-15
Newspaper clipping photo of elementary school king and queen candidates for May Day celebration April 17, 1942 Tampa Daily Times 04-03-15
2 new photos added to Hillsborough Co. and Tampa Law Enforcement album: Re-elect Hugh Culbreath for Sheriff ad in L'Unione Italiana special 50-year anniversary program, 1944, and Sheriff Hugh Culbreath Christmas card. Probably from 1952 or 1953 03-31-15
21 new photos added to Hillsborough Co. and Tampa Law enforcement Album: County Jail employees on the steps of the new jail on Morgan Street, circa 1963-1965. 03-29-15
3 new photos added to Hillsborough Co. and Tampa Law Enforcement album: Newspaper clipping photo Hillsborough Co. Sheriff's Deputy John Harper escorting P. Joseph Rodriguez en route to a habeas corpus hearing on Feb. 19, 1950, and Clipping about the case regarding corruption in the city of Tampa that involved a conspiracy to murder Sheriff Culbreath in 1950 and Sheriff's Deputy John Harper escorts Bruce Barnett and Robert Boland in handcuffs to state prison after receiving a 15-year sentence for armed robbery. 03-28-15
Front cover of program for formal opening of Hillsborough High School's 7th home, Dec. 14, 1911 03-28-15
Photo added to Tampa vs. Tampa Bay Album - Family Friendly Tampa BAY 03-27-15
NEW Album - All pages of game program with World War 2 theme for Plant High School vs. Hillsborough High School Thanksgiving Day football game at Phillips Field, Nov. 30, 1944 03-27-15


Cover of game program with World War 2 theme for Plant High School vs. Hillsborough High School Thanksgiving Day football game at Phillips Field, Nov. 30, 1944 03-27-15
Montage of photos of wrestling legend Mike Graham, son of Eddie Graham, from his appearances on the Tampa Natives Show 03-23-15
New photos added to Hillsborough Co. and Tampa Law Enforcement album: Tampa Police officers posing in front of the station on Lafayette St. & Florida Avenue, circa 1930s to early 1940s, and Tampa Police officers (Henry Hamm)  and their captain, circa 1939-1943, and Mar. 25, 1936 "Police station radio room with transmission equipment and telephones on desks: Tampa, Fla", and 1905 City Hall at 315 Lafayette and annex behind it at 300 Florida Ave and Jackson St.., and Jan. 1915 Old City Hall construction and 1921 completed courthouse annex housing the police station, and Tampa Police Dept. Headquarters at 1710 Tampa Street, 1976 03-22-15
Yellow pages ads for A. A. Gonzalez and Trelles clinic and hospital, circa mid to late 1950s 03-08-15
Photos added to Tampa vs. Tampa Bay Album - Ad for NCAA Womens Final Four in Tampa BAY, Tampa BAY Police Chief Fran Finney 03-07-15
Wild Japanese Plum tree 03-01-15
Photo added to album Hillsborough County Jail, Sheriff Ed Blackburn, Jr. and Hillsborough County Sheriffs Deputies - Hillsborough County Sheriff Deputy Johnny Harper and his daughters with the family campaign car for Ed Blackburn, Jr.'s re-election. Circa 1956 03-01-15
New Photo Album - Robiconti's - 33 photos shown on the Tampa Natives Show with special guest Jim Robiconti on Nov. 20, 2014, Jim & Latin Fiesta Queen Marlene Maseda in front of Holiday Inn sign 1977, Swashbuclers, Honey Bears, Mister R's Place, the band "Circles," billboards, the band "Tampa," L'eggs Panty Hose contest, bartenders, the band "Ruf Cut", Dusty Rhodes, Q105 DJs All Star Band, Mason Dixon, Jim Robiconti in Peru. 02-24-15
Photo added to album Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Bay Promotion for the Best Flan in Tampa Bay 02-25-15
Photo added to album Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Bay - Plaques awarded to Arenacross winners in Tampa BAY 02-22-15
School bus yellow Volkswagen "The Thing" car 02-20-15
Colorized 1957 photo showing neon Pepsi billboard on rooftop, with Carl Cowden's "TAMPA" mural added, on the 1100 block of N. Florida Avenue and Royal Street 02-18-15
Postcard of Moss's Motel on Henderson Blvd. & Inman, owned by Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Moss, circa 02-06-15
Cover of 45 rpm record "The Ballad of the Ramblin' Raft Race" sponsored by Q105, Foxy's, J.C. Penney & Budweiser 02-05-15
New photo added to Hillsborough Co. and Tampa Law Enforcement album: Hillsborough County Sheriff Deputy John W. Harper, 1965 01-28-15
New Photo Album - Hillsborough Co. and Tampa Law Enforcement Through The Years- 1925 to 1960s photos of the Pierce St. Jail from pre-construction to demolition, Sheriff Blackburn, George Cannella, Blackburn family Christmas cards, Deputy William Dennis (Bill) Scruggs, Deputy Richard Kenneth (Bill) Booth, Deputy Carl Duane Shawver, Deputy John W. Harper, Dep. Robert Joseph (Bob) Villar and detective Dave Mount with President John F. Kennedy JFK , Fla. Gov. Farris Bryant, Sen. George Smathers, Rep. Sam Gibbons. 01-26-15
Portrait of Zena Sanford (Barnhill) wearing her Goody Goody waitress uniform, circa 1951 01-25-15
Portrait of Goody Goody Girls Drive-In waitresses posing in the dining room, circa 1950-51 01-25-15
Núñez Nunez brothers & Tim Plummer showing off their Tampa Natives Show t-shirts at the Arlington Ballpark, home of the Texas Rangers 01-24-15
Photo added to album Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Bay - OneBlood corrects "Jamie" to show from "Tampa" 01-23-15
New Photo Album 38th Anniversary of Snow in Tampa, Jan. 19, 1977 - Various photos previously posted at Tampa Natives gathered together for ease of viewing. 01-19-15
Photos added to Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Bay album - Jaime from Tampa Bay Wikipedia on Tampa Bay Super Bowl 50 San Francisco Bay AREA 01-16-15
Photo added to Album Tampa Scenes from School Yearbooks - Grand Way ad from the first St. Lawrence annual 01-14-15
Highway sign "Welcome to Tampa, City of Champions. Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, Arena Bowl" 01-11-15
New Photo Album: Casino Theater at Centro Espanol - Centro Español with Casino Theater on 7th Ave, 1947, Centro Español Casino Follies theater, 7th Ave., 1965.  Courtyard next to El Centro Español, 1965,  El Centro Español street scene along 7th Avenue, 1965,  Casino Follies theater at Centro Español on 7th Avenue, 1965, Night scene along 7th Avenue at the Centro Español, with the Ritz Theater in the distance, 1966. 01-07-15
Photo added to Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Bay album - Audience poll result for "Name a city in Florida" on game show Family Feud 01-06-15
Manrara building in Ybor City at 9th Ave. & 14th St. when it was still the Ybor Land & Development Co., circa 1900 01-05-15
Photo added to album Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Bay - Photo used in article about the Armenia exit at I-275 01-03-15
1895 Sanborn Fire Insurance map showing the location of Armina cigar factory on Armina Ave. & Spruce St., West Tampa 01-03-15
Pencil sketch of buildings at Ft. Brooke in 1845 used for cover photo of "Tampa: An Intimate History" Facebook page 01-02-15
1947 Tampa map showing location of "Goldstein" in today's Carrollwood area 01-02-15
Photos added to Pony Portraits album - Larry Worley 1957, Larry Worley 1948 Philip Andrews 1955, Lisa Burnette 1955, Dorothy Miller 1961, Dorothy Miller 1963, David Carlton Miller 1963, Marcia Miller 1963 12-29-14 to 1-1-15
Three photos, circa 1970, added to photo album "Lehman's Braddock Street Christmas House"  Kennedy Singleton and sister Heidi Belmont at the big window Kennedy & Heidi in front of the dolls in the carport Kennedy & Heidi at the manger scene 12-29-14
Photo added to album Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Bay - Mabel & Cornelia at the Alexander waiting for a bus to take them to Tampa, 1941 12-24-14
Cropped and enlarged portion of the man in the next photo of the Bloodmobile, Nov. 1980 12-22-14
Southwest Florida Blood Bank Bloodmobile and unknown man, Nov. 1980 12-22-14
The bandstand at Hillsborough County courthouse square, Dec. 1941 12-21-14
"Tampa" hoodies and sweatshirts at Walgreens 12-20-14
Tampa Native baseball legend Al Lopez at the Lincoln Restaurant, (Lincoln Ave. & Columbus Drive) autographing a baseball for two young fans, circa early 1990s  
Tampa Native baseball legend Al Lopez at the Lincoln Restaurant, (Lincoln Ave. & Columbus Drive) posing with two young fans, circa early 1990s 12-19-14
R.H. Taylor Auto Radiator & Body Works at Downtown Tampa 1201 Jackson St. Apr 2, 1927 12-15-14
Tampa Bay Hotel construction in progress, 1890 12-14-14
Construction workers in front of the Tampa Bay Hotel construction office, 1890 12-14-14
Construction workers in front of the Tampa Bay Hotel, 1891 12-14-14
Digitally altered image of the Tampa Bay Hotel minaret domes in 1955  replaced with Hershey Kisses 12-14-14
Whitledge Hotel on Hyde Park Avenue, looking toward the Tampa Bay Hotel at 400 W. Lafayette Street, 1923 12-14-14
Photo added to album Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Bay The boundless boundaries of Tampa Bay 12-13-14
Duval Jewelry Co. clock sign (colorized) on the sidewalk at 600 block of N. Franklin St., circa 1960 to 1965 Maas Brothers, Tampa Theater Theatre, Kress, Baker's, National Shirt Shops, Haber's 12-10-14
Photo Album: 90 Years of Christmas in Tampa - 64 photos by Burgert Brothers, Robertson & Fresh and others, from the digital collections of the Tampa Hillsborough County Public Library, University of South Florida, and State Archives of Florida 12-09-14
Children and adults gathered in front of Roxy Theater on Nebraska Ave. and pile of old pots and pans for World War II scrap metal drive, 1941 12-07-14
Cover of children's book, "Santa is coming to Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg" by Steve Smallman 12-05-14
Photo Album: Braddock Street Christmas house in West Tampa with owners Victor and Beulah Lehman - Various views of the house previously posted at differnt times on the timeline, now gathered together in one album for convenience 11-28-14
WTVT Studios building on Kennedy Blvd, with old tower, late 1970s to late 1980s 11-26-14
Map of MacDill Field, 1944 11-11-14
Poster of Ray S. Sugden, "Thurston the Magician Presents Tampa, England's Court Magician", cover of book by Gary Frank 11-09-14
Photo Album: Johnny Mandese's Carburetor Repair Service on Cass Street: Five exterior views circa early 1950s 11-03-14
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower riding on rear seat deck of a Cadillac on Grand Central Ave. during campaign visit to Tampa, with Fellows Motors sign in background,  Sep. 4, 1952 10-30-14
Adults dressed up as children at the home of Neal Yent, 3010 San Jose St., 1929 10-27-14
Linda Sue Brubaker in her fairy princess costume on Bayshore, 1958 10-27-14
Halloween montage of various carnival photos and costumed people, 1920s through 1960s 10-27-14
Obituary of notable Tampa citizen Sylvanus M. Hankins, Sr., Aug 9, 1918 10-14-14
Shur Brake Service at the apex of Henderson Blvd. and Grand Central with First Federal Savings billboard on roof, 1959 10-08-14
The brand new Causeway Inn on Highway 60 on the Courtney Campbell Causeway, 1962 10-08-14
Ben Crumpton wearing his Tampa Native tarpon t-shirt at Welcome to Freeport Harbour, Grand Bahama Island sign, Sep. 29, 2014 10-04-14
Ben Crumpton wearing his Tampa Native tarpon t-shirt on Carnival Cruise ship Sensation in Freeport, Sep. 29, 2014 10-04-14
Tampa Terrace Hotel at 411 Florida Avenue and Lafayette Street, circa early 1940s 09-26-14
Signatures of persons in the next photo 09-26-14
Souvenir of the Palm Room at the Tampa Terrace Hotel, photo of diners seated at a table, circa 1940s 09-26-14
Newspaper clipping of Steve Turner showing his technique as Midget League baseball pitching accuracy champion at the Henry & Ola playground, circa 1956 09-21-14
Portrait of William Howard Frankland, circa 1940s 09-17-14
Peter Pan Restaurant north of Bearss Ave. on Nebraska Ave, circa 1990s 09-16-14
NEW Video: Final WTOG Channell 44 Newscast, 1998. with Barbara Callahan.  Ends with video montage of their anchors and reporters, then closing credits to "Happy Trails." 09-14-14
New Video: WTOG Channel 44 commercial - The Four-Four finger salute! People on the street flashing the double 4 salute for WTOG Channel 44. 09-13-14
New Video: WTOG Channell 44 commercial, "As far as the eye..can...seeee! Enjoy a 1973 night drive on downtown Tampa's thoroughfares. See old City Hall, Exchange Bank tower, Federal Courthouse/Post Office, Franklin Street, Hillsborough Co. Courthouse, Tampa Theater 09-13-14
Brandon High School graduating class of 1928 in front of their school 09-04-14
Panoramic color post card view of downtown and Hyde Park, circa late 1920s 09-01-14
Del Valle Brothers, Inc. building materials-lumber yard at Lafayette St and Nebraska Ave., promotional ruler, circa late 1940s 09-01-14
Frank Harrison's car on the old Sunshine Skyway Bridge next to the collapsed bridge, circa mid 1980s 08-31-14
Photo Album: Sunshine Skyway Bridge history and photos from construction of the first bridge 1954, opening ceremonies and motorcade Sep. 6, 1954 with Gov. Charley Johns, Fuller Warren, General James Van Fleet and U.S. Senator Spessard Holland, Rica Dixallina (Miss Greece), construction of 2nd span 1971,bridge disaster collapse May 1980, construction of current bridge 1986, demolition of old spans 1993. 08-31-14
Gonzalez Clinic owner and staff, photo on cover of La Gaceta newspaper, Aug. 15, 2014, Candida Fernandez-Ruiz, Arturo Fuente, Liborio Ruiz, Hortense Piñera, Lucia Gonzalez, Aleida Salgado,  Aurelia Gonzalez. 08-30-14
Tampa Natives gets 5,000th Like, Kitty Bryan 08-28-14
Photo Album: Tampa scenes from school yearbooks of the 60s, 70s and 80s: Mad Hatter sign 1978, Tampa's Terrific For Sports billboard 1976, Redsland 1976, Al Lopez Field and Tampa Stadium 1976, Downtown skyline 1978, University of Tampa Spartans' quarterback Freddie Solomon in action at Tampa Stadium 1976, Zichex Cocktail Lounge sign "Come sing along with Gordie Birch" 1971, Bel-Mar Grocery store 1969, Foster Lincoln & Mercury dealer South Dale Mabry 1969, Basketball-playing chicken at Lowry Park with Morris LaGrand 1971, Manhattan Baptist Church steeple installation 1969, Downtown elevated view of mouth of Hillsborough River, Platt St. and Lafayette Str. bridges looking north 1969, Tampa West Travelodge at 810 Grand Central Ave. 1963, Columbia Music and Appliance Co. at 1416 E. Broadway (7th Avenue) Ybor City 1963, Traffic on Madison St. with Marine Bank Building 1963, University of Tampa crew team rowing on Hillsborough River with Exchange Bank tower construction and Early Times bourbon bottle water tank, Montage of downtown business signs from 1967, North Tampa tornado damage photos 1966, Fontana Hall at USF 1968, The Retreat Tavern down the street from the University of Tampa 1967, Architect's rendition of the new Exchange Bank Financial Tower 1967, Fighter jet taking off at MacDill Air Force Base 1963, University of Tampa crew team rowing on the Hillsborough River with construction on First National Bank tower in background 1972, Night view of Kennedy Blvd bridge with construction on the First Florida Tower 1972, Inside Tampa Stadium for a sellout University of Tampa football game, 1972, Tampa Stadium at night outside view of east stands 1972,  Curtis Hixon convention center seen from across the Hillsborough River 1972, Falk Theater front entrance on Kennedy Blvd. 1977, Minaret towers of University of Tampa and conning tower of the USS Requin submarine docked on the Hillsborough River 1977, Front facade of Florida State Fair ride "Center of the Earth" 1974, Village Inn Pancake House sign at Dale Mabry & Kennedy 1981, Riders on roller coaster at Fairyland Lowry Park 1976, Fat Man's BBQ Smell that smoke sign on E. Busch Blvd. 1976, Telephoto lens view looking north on Ashley Drive from south of Zack Street. Ashley Drive on-ramp to I-75 1977, Night view of downtown Tampa from I-75 south, just before Ashley Drive, Tampa Street, Scott St. exit. 1977, The Dog House restaurant on N. Armenia 1966, Aerial view of the Florida State Fairgrounds 1966, Tornado damage in Carrollwood 1966, Planes at Tampa International Airport open-air passenger gates 1966, Aerial view of downtown looking south, with Seddon Island at top 1966, Downtown looking east along Madison Street, towards the county courthouse 1966, University Restaurant and Lounge sign on Fowler Avenue ad by owners Basil and Pete Scaglione. 08-27-14
Deep Purple, Savoy Brown, Billy Preston, Blue Oyster Cult concert ticket stub, Tampa Stadium, June 16, 1973 
Duplicate of previously posted image here
Tampa Bay Buccaneers matchbox with Bucco Bruce logo circa late 1970s 08-21-14
Tampa Natives vs. Tampa BAY photo album new entries:  Memorable scenes from popular movies or of celebrities converted to memes denouncing the use of the term "Tampa Bay" without "area" or as a city.  Dirty Harry, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Gone with the Wind, Groucho Marx, Forrest Gump, Indian Jones Temple of Doom, Network, The Godfather, 08-17-14
New Photo Album: A brief history of the development of Temple Terrace - Various images of the Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club, Morocco Club and swimming pool, Administrative Office, Gasparilla king and first mayor of Temple Terrace D. Collins Gillette, Vice-Mayor Maud Fowler, golfer Jim Barnes, swimmer Helen Wainwright, apartments, City Hall, and shopping centers Kwik Chek and Fairway Restaurant, interspersed with images of an Oct. 23, 1923 newspaper article extolling the beauty and accommodations of Temple Terrace. 08-11-14
NEW Photo Album: A history of the Gasparilla celebration and the Fair - Various parade and State Fair images, and posters,  with a history divided out among the photo captions. 08-09-14
Sign "Warning to tourists: Do not laugh at the natives" 08-07-14
NEW Video: An Artist At Work - A woman operating a complex cigar-making machine built in 1930 08-06-14
Newspaper article about Charles Ponzi (con artist for whom the Ponzi scheme is named) in Tampa pitching his Florida land deals plan to Tampa mayor Perry Wall and the Tampa Board of Trade, with photo of him dining at Delmonico's in Ybor city.  Feb. 2, 1926 08-05-14
NEW Photo Album: West Tampa Water Tank Renovation - Photos showing progress on repainting the tank and mural to completion, old photos of light blue and original checkerboard design, artist's proposed new design, and outcome of local station's "worth it or wasted" poll. 08-04-14
Old Newspaper Clippings photo album new entry:  Ponderosa steak restaurant ad promoting $1.99 complete dinners, 1978 08-04-14
Cover of Led Zeppelin "Pigeon Blood" bootleg recording of their May 5, 1973 concert at Tampa Stadium 08-04-14
Satellite view of Hurricane Frances over Tampa, Sep. 5, 2004 08-04-14
Pony Portraits From Our Fans photo album new entry: Paula Mills, Ceci Coolidge, Stephanie Turner Slater and Kathy. Circa early 1970s. 08-02-14
Four consecutive images showing Tampa Natives FB page fan statistics-Languages, location countries and cities, age groups and gender 08-01-14
Montage of photos showing "Futuro House" (flying-saucer-style homes) in various locations including 2001 Odyssey lounge on Dale Mabry 08-01-14
Five B-19 bombers fling over downtown Tampa circa 1943 07-30-14
Three F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft of 56th Tactical Training Wing flying training mission over downtown Tampa, April 17, 1988, 07-30-14
The deviled crab man who had a route on Busch Blvd in 1978, at Loube's Nostalgia Bookstore 4800 Bush Blvd. 07-30-14
Ticket good for one ride at SuperTest Amusement Park, circa 1960s 07-29-14
Montage of images showing  destruction or deterioration of Safety Village, the Guida house, Maas Brothers downtown, Tampa Bay Center shopping mall, Tampa Stadium, and Goody Goody restaurant, to raise interest in J. C. Newman cigar factory issue 07-28-14
Tampa Natives vs. Tampa BAY photo album new entries:  St. Leo University is in Tampa Bay and University of South Florida in beautiful Tampa Bay 07-27-14
Newspaper article featuring poem "The Legend of Ballast Point" by Frank Vernon Baker, May 12, 1895 07-26-14
NEW photo album:  "How It Might Happen!" - A 10-part  series of newspaper cartoon sketches by Tampa Electric illustrating how the most common streetcar accidents happen and how to avoid them, 1908 & 1909 07-26-14
Ybor Park Bakery building exterior and signs view circa 1972-1979 07-21-14
West Tampa water tank at Himes and Cherry street progress on repainting the legs 07-15-14
West Tampa water Tank at Himes and Cherry Street progress on painting the mural 07-13-14
Brandon homestead historical marker    (in comments of the history of Brandon) 07-05-14
The James Brandon home today      (in comments of the history of Brandon) 07-05-14
Home of James Henry Brandon, circa 1913 and 1920s      (in comments of the history of Brandon) 07-05-14
John Brandon and 2nd wife Victoria Seward Brandon, circa 1880s     (in comments of the history of Brandon) 07-05-14
Home of James Henry Brandon circa 1910s, history of Brandon and its founder John Brandon 07-04-14
Present day photo of old Baker's Billiard Parlor, exterior view of faded building signs 07-03-14
Tampa Native Julian Green scoring the USA goal in the 2014 World Cup soccer match vs. Belgium, July 1, 2014 07-02-14
West Tampa water tank at Himes and Cherry Street progress, tank painted yellow, legs painted primer white 06-28-14
NEW photo album: Centro Asturiano Club Building in the News -  27 images of various newspaper articles and photos from 1907 to 1912 concerning the construction of the original building and the fire, and plans for the new new building 06-26-14
Street view of the last remnant of Short Emory Street; Ray Charles once lived at 813 Short Emory Street 06-20-14
Tampa Stadium under construction, 1967 06-20-14
Pony Portraits From Our Fans photo album new entry: Keith Eidson on Jimmy the pony, Oct. 9, 1959 06-20-14
Screen shot of new format for Tampa Natives FB page with explanation of featured changes 06-20-14
Tampa Natives vs. Tampa BAY photo album new entry:  Article in TBTimes Taste section promoting restaurants in St. Pete and Tampa BAY. 06-18-14
Steve Cannella and his mom wearing special Tampa Natives t-shirts with Tampa Tarpons logo 06-18-14
Aerial view of Loch Raven golf course at Buffalo Ave. and Himes, 1968 06-18-14
Good Times at El Centro Asturiano de Tampa with Las Damas del Centro and  Steve Cannella, Alyssa Nicole, Judy Blanco, Mario R. Nunez and Felipe Nunez 06-18-14
Evelyn Rodriguez and Mario Nunez at Ell Centro Asturiano Club building, 2014 06-18-14
Aerial view of old Tampa International Airport on Columbus Drive with construction of new airport in background, July 1970 06-15-14
Aerial view of Dana Shores and Eisenhower Blvd. / Highway 60 / Memorial Hwy. interchange west of the airport runway, 1968 06-15-14
Flight gates, passengers and visitors at old Tampa International Airport on Columbus Drive and Westshore, 1968 06-15-14
Old Tampa International Airport main terminal on Columbus Drive & Westshore Blvd. ground level front view, 1957 06-15-14
Photos added to "Tampa Bay Rowdies NASL Soccer Team" album, starting with front cover of  Game program for Tampa Bay Rowdies vs. Baltimore Comets on June 28, 1975 Kick Magazine, followed by 42 pages from that issue.  Also, front cover of
KICK Magazine - Rowdies vs. Zenit Leningrad, Mar. 5, 1977 followed by 18 pages from that issue.
Photo added to Pony Portraits album, Johnny & Kathy English  on Jimmy the pony, circa 1954 05-28-14
Photo of Gerhard Stiller (1973), the Tampa "Cat Man" and newspaper article about him and his death, July 4, 1975 05-26-14
New Album:  Spanish Action in Tampa - Institutions, Leading Men, Industry, Trade, etc. (Los Españoles en Tampa) published 1913. Histories and photos of mutual aid societies El Centro Espanol, Centro Asturiano and heir sanitariums, El Porvenir, Los Previsores del Porvenir, La Concordia de Tampa.  Cigar manufacturers Sanchez & Haya; Y. Pendas & Alvarez; Cuesta, Rey & Co.; Bustillo Bros. & Diaz; Arguelles, Lopez & Bro.; Jose Lovera Co.; V. Guerra, Diaz & Co.; Corral, Wodiska & Co.; Berriman Bros.; and many more. Other businessmen: Real Estate - photos of homes and property of prominent businessmen Cuesta & Rey, Peregrino Rey, Naturopathic Sanatorium of Mr. M.G. Arguelles, La Espanola stone mill of Juan Casanovas.  Hotels & restaurants. 05-17-14
Barbers and customers seated at Tampa Terrace Hotel barber shop, 404 E. Lafayette St. 1944 05-14-14
Goody Goody downtown grand opening day newspaper feature with photo of William Stayer, wife and staff, April 3, 1930 05-09-14
Goody Goody Drive-In Mother's Day newspaper ad with poem tribute to mothers, May 11, 1930 05-09-14
Photo added to Hillsborough Co. and Tampa Law Enforcement Album:  Sheriff Malcolm Beard with Vice Detectives  Bob Vilar and Bobby Hudson, circa mid to late 1960s. 05-06-15
The Sulphur Springs Tourist Club / Harbor Club postcard, circa 1940s 04-26-14
Newspaper article "Ferry Line To West Tampa" re Fortune St. Bridge knocked into the Hillsborough River by a tug boat, May 14, 1901 04-25-14
Children seated on stage in Halloween costumes at Cuscaden Park in Ybor City, 1961 04-16-14
Fred Ferman at the wheel of his Cadillac after winning an auto race at Plant Field, circa 1906 04-13-14
Official opening ceremony program front cover for Gandy Bridge with George Gandy portrait, Nov. 20, 1924 04-05-14
Tampa Native logo design with retro Tampa Tarpon background 04-04-14
Busch Gardens "The Dark Continent, Tampa, Fla." sign at park entrance, circa 1970s 03-31-14
Sulphur Springs water tower tender's and water treatment building, 1976 03-29-14
Sulphur Springs water tower and adjacent tender's and water treatment pump house, postcard by Hillsborough News Co. circa 1940s 03-29-14
NEW Video: Spectacular aerial footage of Sulphur Springs water tower by Mike Littlefield using a drone and HD GoPro cam, 2013 03-28-14
Photo added to Pony Portraits album, Claudia Jolls (Mitchell) on Jimmy the pony, 1961 03-27-14
Intersection of Nebraska & Buffalo Ave. showing Northtown Theater and Buffalo five & dime store, 1941 03-09-14
William Hartline Building on 407-409 West Fortune Street, including Hartline Pen Factory and Milam's Restaurant, 1936 03-09-14
Aerial photo of Centro Espanol on Bayshore, 1969 added to History of Centro Espanol album 03-08-14
Close up of Jefferson High School Dragons sign at Highland Ave. location, showing sign maker Bussard Neon Corp.  Added to album  Tampa business ads in 1962 Jefferson Yearbook. 03-08-14
New photo album, A Brief History of the Centro Espanol Hospital on Bayshore Blvd, 1905 to 1940s 03-03-14
New photo album, Ben T. Davis and the Davis Causeway history, with article by Hampton Dunn re name change to Courtney Campbell Causeway, 1979 02-26-14
Ben T. Davis sitting on his swing at his home, circa 1960s 02-26-14
Three photos added to Pony Portraits album, Feb 16, 2014 Charlotte Hawes 1959; Dub Pool 1959;  Patrick Hawes 1959 02-16-14
Newspaper ad for Black Angus restaurant at 3825 S. Dale Mabry, across from Britton Plaza, Feb 20, 1970 02-09-14
New photo album:  Newspaper ads for grand opening of West Shore Westshore Plaza, Sept. 28, 1967 02-03-14
Aerial view looking south of Davis Islands under construction and partial Seddon Island, circa 1925 02-03-14
Photo added to Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Bay Album: Tampa Bay Wine & Food Festival 02-01-14
Public health report Aug. 17, 1900 stating Alabama's travel quarantine on Tampa has been lifted 01-30-14
Decorative plate from C. C. Burns furniture at 1205-1207 Franklin St. commemorating the opening of the Panama Canal, 1915 01-26-14
Gandy Bridge toll ticket dated Dec. 7, 1930, 95c for Auto 01-24-14
Photo added to Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Bay Album: Port of Tampa name change to Port Tampa Bay 01-22-14
Screen shot from National Auto Supermarket 8mm movie showing Miss Budweiser racing boat on a trailer, no date 01-17-14
"Mystery bridge across the Hillsborough River" 1922 after investigation is found to be a bridge across the Alafia River at Parker Groves 01-16-14
Webb's City Outpost and giant neon sign at Gandy Blvd and 4th Street, circa 1950 01-07-14
Dinner menu for September 27th 1930 at the Bayshore Royal Hotel on the corner of Howard Ave. and Bayshore Blvd 01-07-14
Coach Marcelino "Chelo" Huerta, Jr. as coach of the University of Tampa Spartans, from Nov. 1, 1958 Florida State University FSU  homecoming game program against the University of Tampa Spartans 01-06-14
New photo album, 1950 Cigar Bowl game program with local ads and team info, Florida State University Seminoles FSU vs. Wofford at Phillips Field 01-05-14
LIFE Magazine photo of B17-E bomber at MacDill Air Field with crew and equipment, March 1942 01-05-14
Series 1902 large size $20 National, bank note issued by the Exchange National Bank of Tampa 01-05-14
Series 1929 small size $20 National, bank note issued by the First National Bank of Tampa 01-05-14
Ten dollar note from the First National Bank, series 1929 01-05-14
Ten dollar bank note issued by the First National Bank of Tampa, circa 1922 01-05-14
First National Bank building, circa 1922 and an example of the large size National currency being issued at that time 01-04-14
New photo album "Bank of Tampa / First National Bank / Exchange Bank history" with photos of the banks through the years and maps of their locations 01-03-14
Beginning of "Tampa of 1887-1906" from "Twenty Four Years, In the Woods, On the Waters, and in the Cities of Florida" by Harry A. Peeples Published by Tribune Publishing, 1906, with link to read the online PDF. 01-01-14
Vinyl LP record album cover of "Don't Tampa With The Blues" by "Tampa Red" Hudson Whittaker born Hudson Woodbridge 01-01-14
New photo added to "Pony Portraits" album featuring Jimmy the pony 2013
Front cover to "Tampa, Today & Tomorrow" published by the Tampa Board of Trade, 1914, with link to view the entire PDF 2013
Cover of descriptive pamphlet of Hillsborough County with numerous engravings and maps, published by Hillsborough County Real Estate Agnecy, 1885, with link to view the entire PDF 2013
New Photo Album: Screen shots from online home movie showing Tampa scenes in the 1950s, Gandy Bridge and Tampa International Airport 2013
Southwest Airlines ad added to "Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Bay" album: Graphic showing service between Atlanta & "Tampa Bay" 2013
Eleven photos added to "Cincinnati Reds at Al Lopez Field and Redsland" album; Vada Pinson, Johnny Bench, Tom Brokaw, Dave Concepcion, Steve Christmas, Tommy Hume, Maurice Fisher, Dick Murphy, Pete Rose, George Foster, Ted Kluszewki, Joe Morgan, Sparky Anderson, Dan Driessen 2013
Fireworks lighting up the night sky at the Florida State Fairgrounds, Plant Field, 1925 2013
Aerial view of Al Lopez Field and Tampa Stadium, June 1981 2013
Al Lopez Field construction, 1954 to 1955 2013
Hiraldo "Chico" Ruiz at Redlsand, Cincinnati Reds spring training, circa 1964 to 1969 2013
1963 view of Al Lopez Field signage and 1954 newspaper article about Al Lopez Day and dedication of the ballpark 2013
Garnett Lopez standing in front of a flower bed, circa 1940s, asking for identification of location 2013
An ad for the Tower Drive In theater on Bird Street in Sulphur Springs, circa 1952 2013
A view of Sulphur Springs in 1906 2013
Three successive photos of Bernhardt Zuckerman's relief sculpture on marble of President John F. Kennedy JFK at the University of Tampa's Plant park memorial 2013
Tampa Tarpons and Tampa Smokers baseball memorabilia, uniform, bat hat and pennant, Tampa Baseball Museum 2013
Instructional image regarding how to receive Facebook notifications from Tampa Natives 2013
Stein's and Duval Jewelry, 600 block of Franklin St., April 1954 2013
Aerial view of Pass-A-Grille Beach posted in the style of Salty Sol Fleischman's "Where am I?" feature on Pulse 13 2013
Group of Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America workers celebrating a strike victory, Tampa, 1955 2013
Elevated view of Union train station from the southwest with downtown in the background, circa 1930s 2013
Former WFLA kids show host "Uncle Bruce" Rodrick with "Bushy The Squirrel" puppet, recent photo 2013
Parade on Howard Avenue and Chestnut Street in West Tampa showing Hugh Macfarlane building where Pietro Cimino had his grocery store, 1906 2013
Newspaper photo of four University of Tampa students on election day, voting for the first time, 1951 2013
Montage of photos from "Second Noah" family TV series filmed in Tampa 1996 - 1997 2013
Windows at Macy's Dept. Store, Westshore Plaza, where Maas Brothers Suncoast Restaurant and Burdines The Palms Restaurant were located 2013
Brand new home in Gandy Gardens area of Tampa, 1956 2013
Exterior view of old Hillsborough County Jail on Pierce and Laurel Street during Sheriff Ed Blackburn years, circa late 1950s 2013
Tampa Natives cover photo montage updated to include Hutto's Corner 2013
New photo added to "Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Bay" album:  Southwest Airlines drops their airport in "Tampa Bay" and now flies in and out of Tampa! 2013
NEW ALBUM: The best collection of photos anywhere of Hutto's Corner, Buffalo Ave. (MLK Jr. Blvd.) & North Blvd, 1950s to 1970s 2013
Dipper Dan Ice Cream Shoppe owner and girls, Britton Plaza, S. Dale Mabry Hwy, 1973 2013
Ad for Roll-A-Rink at 5121 N. Armenia Ave., 1961 2013
Customers at outdoor walk-up window at McDonald's and old logo, 8214 N. Florida Ave., 1961 2013
Photo ads of Colonial Beach, 3135 W. Sligh Avenue, 1959 & 1960 2013
Giant figure at Dr. Bragg's Fantasia Golf next to Lowry Park, 1961 2013
Ads for Minnehaha Tropical Fish, 103 S. Dale Mabry, 1966 and 1971 2013
The Redwood Inn restaurant, 6719 Nebraska Ave., 1960 2013
Dee's Dog N Suds, 6811 Nebraska Ave., 1961 2013
Ad for "The Dog House" restaurant at 5302 N. Armenia Ave., 1966 2013
45 rpm record of the Tampa Bay Rowdies "Soccer is a Kick in the Grass" theme song, circa 1975 2013
Fremacs, Ritz Theatre, Adorable Dress Shop W.T. Grant and Raul Vega clothing store on the 1500 blcok of 7th Avenue, 1958 2013
Blaikie's Steakhouse at the Apex of Nebraska Ave. and Florida Ave., Lutz, 1986 2013
A pilot's view of old Tampa International Airport on Columbus Drive and Westshore Blvd, 1959 2013
An open letter to Charles Lindbergh from the Tampa Aero Club, Oct. 10, 1927 2013
How to browse the Burgert Brothers photos for Depression Era photos of Tampa 2013
Nighttime view of crowd eating ice cream outside the Poinsettia Dairy Products building, 3319 N. Florida Avenue, Jan. 28, 1932 2013
Jose Otero Furniture Company at 1711 N. Howard Avenue, West Tampa, Nov. 1932 2013
Children in the audience of the Ritz Theatre, 7th Ave. & 15th St., Ybor City, Aug. 1932      High resolution image 2013
George Hazzard's open-air fruit stand at night, 2805 Florida Avenue, 1932 2013
Intersection of Westshore Blvd. and Memorial Hwy. (now Kennedy) looking north toward gates to Tampania subdivision, 1931 2013
Poster promoting the Tampa Natives New Year's Eve party 2013 at the Italian Club 2013
New photo added to Old Newspaper Clippings Album: Local businesses advertising in 1956 Christ the King Bulletin 2013
Pony Portraits Album:  5 new photos added 2013
The "Rowdies Song" 45 rpm record from 1975 posted by Jesse Barron 2013
Sonny Roberts wearing Tampa Natives T-shirt in Macon, GA 2013
Maps from 1939 and 2013 showing Dana Shores Drive followed the old route of the original Memorial Highway 2013
New cover photo montage added to Tampa Natives page, includes Rick Casares and a pony picture 2013
New photo added to the Pony Pictures album, Debbie Palmer Hudnall, ca. 1968 2013
Hamp Oneal standing next to his delivery truck at Try Me Bottling Company, 2218 E. Broadway (7th Ave.), Ybor City, 1926 2013
Jim Lee and his daughter, Pauline Lee (Oneal) standing in front of Lee Groceries at Florida Avenue & Linebaugh, 1926 2013
New photo album:  Tampa Scenes from 1992 movie filmed in Tampa--Cop and a Half 2013
Photo montage tribute to Tampa native, Jefferson High School class of 1950 and NFL football great Rick Casares 2013
Photo added to "Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Bay" album: Bristol Myers Squibb and "Hometown Tampa Bay" 2013
More photos added to the "Old Newspaper Ads" album; Picadilly Cafeteria and Kash n' Karry 2013
More photos added to the "Pony Portraits" album 2013
Macfarlane Cuesta Elementary School 6th grade class photo with teacher Sam Capitano, Jr., 1969-1970 2013
Jose Bustello charge account balance card, no date 2013
Stockton Smith and Jane Tarr Smith (of Tarr's furniture family) wedding photo, circa 1940s 2013
Street map view of Interbay and MacDill Ave. area showing numbered streets 2013
Cigar box art for "ITSA" Tampa" cigars, D. Acosta & Son, circa 1960s? 2013
Interstate 4 (I-4, now called I-275) looking west towards the Howard Frankland Bridge, circa 1964 2013
"Ralston Beach, Come and spend the day!" ad in 1949 Jefferson High School yearbook 2013
Tampa Natives Preston Hair & Co. wearing "I remember Tampa" T-shirts, 2013 2013
Tampa West Industrial Park aerial photo, Jan 4, 1979 2013
Horizon Park Shopping Center sign with Winn Dixie, Wallgreens and Horizon Park 4 Theater, circa 1974 2013
Horizon Park Shopping Center sign with Winn Dixie, Madison Drug, and Horizon Park 4 Theater, circa 1971 2013
New Photo Album: The Tampa Baseball Museum at the Al Lopez House" 2013
Tampa Public Schools report cards from 1938 and 1940 for Buffalo Avenue School and Memorial Jr. High School 2013
Poster circa 1974 of young boy wearing a too-big "Tampa" helmet and NFL banner, holding football, promoting Tampa's new NFL franchise 2013
Framed program of "The Biggest Rock n' Roll Show of 1956" in Tampa featuring Elvis Presley 2013
Felicione & Sons seafood company photo montage, with their fleet of boats and Joe Felicione with his Goliath Grouper catches, 1950s to 1960s 2013
Jefferson High School yearbooks from 1955 to 1998 on display at the Jefferson High School Alumni Museum 2013
Painted portrait of baseball legend Al Lopez at the Centro Asturiano 2013
El Centro Asturiano baseball team circa 1944 2013
Texaco service station and general store of Nat Anthony on Nebraska Ave. in Sulphur Springs area, circa 1930s 2013
The home of Nat V. Anthony, Jr. on Lake Magdalene, North Tampa, 1943 2013
Autographed portrait of Al Lopez "Viva El Centro" on display at the Centro Asturiano Club 2013
Aerial photo looking east along Hillsborough Ave. and the terminus of Dale Mabry Hwy, circa 1954 2013
The Pasetti family on their front porch on Green Street, no date 2013
Digitally created bottle of Goody Goody secret hamburger sauce from original 1925 recipe 2013
Two views of Dale Mabry Highway in 1954-- the terminus at Hillsborough Ave. and the intersection at Columbus Drive 2013
Tampa Mayor Perry G. Wall, II reading La Gaceta at a ball game, 1926 2013
Intersection of Nebraska Avenue and Temple Terrace Highway, today's Busch Blvd, 1931 2013
Cigar factory workers at Corral Wodiska, Aug. 27, 1929 2013
New Album: Jefferson High School Alumni Museum at the D. W. Waters Career Center, 2704 N. Highland Ave, July 1, 2013 - 88 photos showing interior and exterior views of the 1911 building, and memorabilia relating to the history of Jefferson and Hillsborough High School, and George Washington Jr. High, with Wynelle Davis Gilbert, curator, and Rex Gordon, HHS historian. 2013
Tampa Stadium before a Tampa Bay Rowdies soccer match, circa 1977 2013
Lake Roberta at Lakewood Manor, 1925 to 1948 photo montage 2013
Tampa Natives' 3,000th fan, Darlene Wilson 2013
New Album: Tampa Natives fan-submitted childhood portraits by traveling pony picture photographers 2013
Hanna-Barbera celebrities Cindy Bear, Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound being greeted by WTVT's general manager Gene Dodson at Tampa International Airport on Columbus Drive. circa 1961 2013
Bumper sticker for the 2013 Cuban Sandwich Show 2013
House at 4403 W. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. (formerly Buffalo Ave.) used as the Officer's Club at Drew Field during WW2 2013
Ben Crumpton and his cat on Jimmy the Pony, 1960s 2013
Ben Crumpton on Jimmy the Pony, 1960s 2013
The Convent and Academy of the Holy Names on Pierce and Zack Street, downtown 1920s 2013
The Hospitality House at Busch Gardens and the St. Pete Pier inverted pyramid were both designed by local architect William Harvard, Sr. 2013
Did you know? Ottis "Slim" Whitman was a Tampa native, photo montage including Roy Orbison and Whitman's 1940 Tampa census 2013
Columbia Restaurant waiters staff with more waiters identified, 1966 2013
New Album:  Screen captures from the 1958 film, "The Flower of Tampa", starring Joe Russo, Helen Davis, Joann Toretta, John Beard and Luis Llana, with scenes of Bayshore Blvd, the POrt of Tampa, Tampa International Airport on Columbus Drive, the shipyards, Tampa Industrial Park, Anheuser Busch brewery, Franklin St. with Maas Bros, Florida and Tampa Theaters, Jose Gaspar Gasparilla ship and Tampa General Hospital, phosphate dock, can factory, Ybor City, Latin social club, Latin Fiesta dolls, deviled crab vendor, Las Novedades Spanish Restaurant, tour of a cigar factory, Gasparilla invasion, Jolly Roger flying over city hall, Gasparilla night parade float, Latin Fiesta dancers, automated cigar factory tour, Columbia Restaurant flamenco dancer, J.C. Newman cigar factory clock, closing credits 2013
Matchbook from "Oscar's, where friends meet" 5417 Florida Ave.     Added to Tampa Natives Matchbook Album 2013
Photo montage of "The Paragons" a popular Tampa band circa 1963, which included Steve Bogard, Roy Noland, Mike Wainwright, Wm. T. Orr, Jr., Jack Fueyo, Jack Sigler, and Robin Sibucao at various times 2013
Photo montage of Super Bowls in Tampa, Tampa Stadium and Raymond James Stadium, 1984 to 2009 2013
Photo montage of Pickford's store (Custom Creations Cafe & Bakery) on Hillsborough Ave., circa 1940s to present 2013
Photo montage of vintage Hillsborough High School "The Big Red" photos, circa 1960s to 1980s 2013
Photo montage of various "Snow in Tampa" images, Jan 19, 1977 2013
Photo montage of various Tampa Bay Buccaneers images from the "creamsicle" years late 1970s to mid 1990s 2013
Photo montage of various Hawaiian Village photos and postcards, 1960s to 1970s 2013
Thomas Jefferson High School baseball team, no date 2013
Thomas Jefferson High School baseball team, City, District and Conference Champs, 1961 2013
New album: Tampa Businesses from Jefferson High Yearbook 1962 and other images showing scenes in the school - Cox's Drug Store, Publix, Ybor City Post Office, WTVT studio, Tampa Brass & Aluminum, Police Headquarters, Rainbow bridge entrance to Fairyland at Lowry Park, Fantasia Golf, East Gate Plaza, Whaley's Market, Campoamor Modern Dairy, Prince Grocery, Pinarama Lanes bowling, Holsum Bakery, Hav-A-Tampa Cigar, Ferman Chevrolet, East Gate Bowling Lanes, Comb's Pure Service Station, Florida Dairy, Tip-Top Bread, Butler's on Franklin St. at night, Tony's Texaco Service Center, Jai-Alai, Pepsi, Fabric King, Brown's Drive In, Las Novedades Restaurant, Maas Brothers and Tampa Theater with Franklin Street decorated at Christmastime at night, Bryn Alan Studio, Borden's Dairy, Demmi's Market, JHS Clas Notables at Hawaiian Village Motel & Restaurant, Maas Bros. fashions in student calendar, close up of Home of the Dragons sign, new gymnasium, dancing in the gym, library, snack bar. 2013
David Willoughby Waters, first principal of Jefferson High School,  (D. W. Waters Career Center) photo montage, wedding photo with wife Leannah Susan Parker 1921, 1962 yearbook photo, JHS insignia 2013
The original Thomas Jefferson High School on Highland Ave., building exterior with dragon signage, 1962 2013
Two photos added to "Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Bay" album from Feb. 2009 Super Bowl NFL Experience in Tampa 2013
Two views of Memoria In Aeterna Confederate Soldier Civil War memorial at Hillsborough County Courthouse, Franklin St, 1921 to 1933 2013
Elevated view of 400 block of Franklin St. with Hillsborough County Courthouse and Confederate Soldier Civil War memorial "Memoria In Aeterna", 1921 2013
Framed newspaper photo of the Cuban Club Dancers, circa 1940s 2013
Food Fair matchbook advertising green stamps, circa mid 1960s       Added to Tampa Natives Matchbook photo album 2013
New Photo Album added:  Lt. Al Ford, Tampa's Sky Patrol, with photos posted by Robert Westberry 2013
Eight consecutive photos of Tampa's "Sky Patrol" reporter Lt. Al Ford and his family, Merthaline Smith Ford, Carolyn Alfred Jr. and David, circa 1950s and 1960s 2013
Two consecutive photos of Tampa's Police Band record album insert with names of songs and band members Fidencio Hernandez, Charles Cetti, William Stevens, Ed Leslie, Bud Schnurr, David Fletcher, R. A. Hess, Bob Schnurr, Maurice Wright, Oliver Blair, Joe Talone, M. Nublett, Doris Roskoski, Carlos Estrados, Jim Cooper, Dick Nelson 2013
Matchbook cover for M & H convenience store / gas station, no date    Added to Matchbooks Album 2013
Tampa's Police Band album cover, the Big Band Sound, 1964 2013
Tampa Police Band started and directed by Lt. Al Ford, album insert about the band and naming the members, 1964 2013
Goody Goody drive-in restaurant founder Ralph A. Stephens photo montage, wife Amanda, the first Goody Goody in Hannibal, MO. and Tampa billboard, circa 1920s through 1940s 2013
Christmas card display by First Federal on Bayshore Blvd.'s Christmas Card Lane, 1958 2013
Velia Martinez, abuela "Adela" from Que Pasa USA" bilingual TV sitcome formerly on PBS, photo montage 2013
Spanish newspaper articles in La Gaceta about Dr. Jorge A. Trelles and Centro Espanol doctors offices and hours, Oct 18, 1933 2013
Dr. Jorge A. Trelles, his wife Conchita, and the Trelles Clinic photo montage, 1920s to 1950s 2013
Old Hav-A-Tampa Products sign painted on a building, no date 2013
Hav-A-Tampa cigar box art, no date 2013
Vernon Flegle and his Red Rock Cola delivery truck, 1949 2013
Article in 1933 La Gaceta regarding achievements of Dr. Trelles 2013
Old Fort Restaurant at Platt Street and Franklin Street, circa 1940s 2013
Sears store at Hillsborough Ave. and 22nd street, with parking lot full of cars, color photo circa 1950s 2013
American Can Company on Adamo Drive, circa mid 1940s 2013
Centro Asturiano hospital on 21st Avenue in Ybor City, circa 1930s 2013
Dedication ceremony at original location of statue "Honoring Mothers of the World" at Plant Park, May 9, 1948 2013
Photo montage of statue honoring mothers of the world by Teodoro Ramos Blanco, now at the German-American Club building on Nebraska Ave. 2013
Front cover of book "The Losers" Tampa about a rock n' roll nightclub located on Nebraska Ave. and Bearss in the 1970s 2013
Employees posing in front of cigar box factory, no date, location unknown, Tampa 2013
Jimmy Strahan posing on Jimmy the pony, circa 1957 2013
Patce Miles posing on Jimmy the pony, circa 1958 2013
David Garcia posing on Jimmy the pony, circa 1960 2013
Poster in window showing historic S.H. Kress Five & Dime Store  building available for lease, May 2013 2013
Poster in window showing F.W. Woolworth building available for lease, May 2013 2013
Poster in window showing artist's conception of renovated S.H. Kress & J.J. Newberry buildings with reflection of photographer, May 2013 2013
Deteriorated S.H. Kress sign on underside of awning, Florida Ave. across from Federal Building, May 2013 2013
Deteriorated entrance to J.J. Newberry Co. building on Florida Avenue next to Kress, May 2013 2013
Frank Genco, Sr. posing on Jimmy the pony, circa 1950 2013
David White and sister posing on pony, circa 1960 2013
Vikki Castellano posing on Jimmy the pony, 1959 2013
Rachel Perez Miller posing on Jimmy the pony, March 1958 2013
Tampa Natives new cover photo with Lake Ellen diving tower added, May 1, 2013 2013
Digitally created image of underwater "HURTLine" city bus / submarine providing transportation IN Tampa BAY, added to "Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Bay" album 2013
Artists rendition of a new shopping center with 7-Eleven planned for Town N' Country area, Jan. 1960 2013
Sports Illustrated October 1, 1979 cover showing "Dewey Selmon Batters the Rams - Tampa Bay, Unbeaten, Untied and Unbelievable" 2013
Newspaper clipping from April 1977 "Spurrier Surprised but not worried" regarding the Buccaneers signing quarterback Gary Huff, Tampa Stadium in background of Huff photo 2013
PRO! Magazine game program cover Sept. 24, 1977 vs. Minnesota showing Buccaneers' running back Ricky Bell wearing helmet without facemask 2013
Tampa Tribune Dec. 12, 1977 full page feature about Tampa Bay Buccaneers' first regular season victory, 33 - 14 over the New Orleans Saints, photo of Lee Roy Selmon tackling Archie Manning 2013
Sports Illustrated January 7 1980 Ricky Bell - Tampa Bay Buccaneers on cover 2013
Three tickets to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers playoff game that never was, Jan 10, 1982 2013
Traffic jam on the Gandy Bridge with people out of their cars waiting for the draw span to close, 1944 2013
Front page of La Gaceta newspaper's special West Tampa edition showing painting of cigar factory workers and El Lector, painted by Arnold Martinez using tobacco, wine and coffee, April 26, 2013 2013
Exterior view of Cherry Blossoms Bottling Company and delivery truck advertising "Nesbitt's Orange" soda, on Amelia Ave. with Vincenzo Moartellar, circa mid 1940s 2013
Two photos regarding products showing skyline of "Tampa Bay" and "Tampan" vs. "Tampanian" added to Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Bay album 2013
City directory listings from 1918, 1920 and 1925 showing names of businesses and residents on the 400 block of Franklin St., including the Court Arcade building, the Hancock Building with Beckwith Range Jewelry and the First National Bank 2013
Close up of west side of the 400 block of Franklin St. showing Beckwith Jewelry and the Courthouse Arcade building with signage for "The Arcade Shine Parlor" and barber pole for Elk Barber shop, circa 1918 2013
W. T. Grant and Clark's Budget Clothiers at Franklin Street & Cass St., with Floridan Hotel , April 1954 2013
Park N Shop multilevel parking garage at 706 N. Tampa St. at Polk St., 1954 2013
1 photo added to "Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Bay" album showing candlelight vigil in Tampa BAY. 2013
10 photos added showing completed roof and ceiling at Macfarlane Park Pavilion Renovation album, April 16, 2013 2013
Crowd of people at Franklin St. and Lafayette St. with view of west side of 400 block of Franklin St., including Beckwith Range Jewelers and the Courthouse Arcade building, circa early 1920s 2013
Aerial view of Forest Hills area from 1937 2013
Sulphur Springs "plug nickel" token from 1940s showing North Tampa Chamber of Commerce logo 2013
Joe Abene holding up sign "Tampa Natives say GO RAYS!" sign at Tropicana Field Rays game 2013
Maas Brothers magazine ad for Buccaneer's Swashbuckler's hat, 1980 2013
Eight consecutive photos added to photo album "Cincinnati Reds at Al Lopez field and RedsLand, 1970s" showing Pete Rose (and his Rolls Royce), Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Sparky Anderson, Pedro Borbon and Lee May at spring training, Al Lopez field. 2013
Ft. Brooke lithograph from 1837 titled "Tampa Bay on the Gulf of Mexico". 2013
S. Agliano & Sons Fish Company at 1821 Seventh Ave. 7th Avenue, 1948 2013
The El Dorado Cafe and boarding house with laundry hanging up to dry, 7th Avenue, Ybor City, 1920s. 2013
A view of the Haddad department store sign at the entrance to the old J. J. Newberry building, 1972 2013
Photo montage of the six Burgert brothers at Plant Park, 1911, portraits of Harry and Al Burgert, and original Burgert Brothers logo in color from original letterhead 2013
Photo montage of artist George Sugarman's untitled sculpture ("The Exploding Chicken") being reassembled at its new location in the traffic circle on Channelside near the Florida Aquarium, April 2013, and its former location at the "beer can" building, 2005. 2013
Newspaper photo of Buffalo Avenue School Safety Patrol students, no date 2013
Lake Ellen diving platform, circa early 1970s 2013
Lt. Al Ford, former Tampa Police Dept. air patrol and WDAE 1250 Sky Patrol reporter, with his plane Tillie the Toiler and school children contest winners, photo montage 1970s to 1980s 2013
Newspaper column "The Reel Thing" by independent writer and WSUN radio & TV, and WFLA noontime outdoor TV news reporter George Michelle, 1963 2013
Luther Harrell and his son, Ralph Harrell, Sr.  each holding a large freshly caught fish in front of their used car lot at Florida Ave. and Buffallo Ave.,  "Harrell Used Cars", circa late 1940s 2013
Mildred Ella "Babe" Didrikson Zaharias with husband George Zaharias at Tampa Golf and Country Club, Dec. 21, 1951 2013
Snow in Tampa at the Babe Zaharias golf course, Jan. 19, 1977 2013
Golfers playing on the Macfarlane Park golf course, high resolution photos, 1924 2013
Close up of the original pavilion at Macfarlane Park, cropped from the subsequent baseball game photo, 1922 2013
Baseball game at Macfarlane park, high resolution photo, 1922 2013
Macfarlane Park pavilion with new roof, 5 new photos added to the album, Mar 22, 2013 2013
Sign at the entrance to the Colonnade restaurant "We serve crabs" Dec 2012 2013
Night view of the Colonnade restaurant from Bayshore Blvd., Dec 2012 2013
Newspaper ad for National Airlines promoting flights on their DC - 4 "Buccaneers" planes, Miami, Norfolk, Havana, New Orleans, tampa, Jacksonville, 1947 2013
View of fountain and several stores at Westshore Plaza, circa 1970s, O'Neil's Hallmark card shop, Shoe House, Zales, National Shirt Shop, Thom McAn shoes. 2013
Photo Album: "Way Down On Tampa Bay" - sheet music for song written in 1914, lyrics by A. Seymour Brown, music by Egbert Van Alstyne, image of the 78 rpm recording by the Peerless Quartet and link to hear the recording at the Library of Congress website 2013
Photo Album: Old Newspaper Clippings from Tampa - Memorabilia added: Tampa Abstract & Title Insurance Company, Beckwith-Range Jewelry Co., H. G. Kress Business Machines (1944) 2013
Dr. Paul Bearer, a.k.a. Dick Bennick, in his hearse and on the set of Creature Feature, circa late 1970s 2013
Kids inside the dance hall at Colonial Beach on Egypt Lake, circa 1959 2013
Kids sitting on a bench on the porch of the dance hall at Colonial Beach on Egypt Lake, circa 1957 2013
Photo Album: Old Newspaper Clippings from Tampa - Seven advertisements added: Morrison's Cafeteria, Goody Goody's Oyster Bar, Dr. Arguelles Restaurant Vegetariano & Bath House, Joe Alvarez' Excelsior Cafe, The Cuba Cafe, YWCA Cafeteria, Dos and Don'ts of dining out / table manners cartoon. 2013
Tampa Changing app for smartphones by Bryan Weinstein 2013
Aerial photo promoting Tampa West Industrial Park, showing Waters Ave, Anderson Rd, Dale Mabry Hwy, Hillsborough Ave, Tampa International Airport, Interstate 75 and Interstate 4, and Downtown, early 1970s. 2013
Photo Album: 5 photos of the pavilion at Macfarlane Park with roof removed for renovation, historic marker honoring George Guida, and cracked floor of pavilion, the hill and steps, Feb. 28, 2013 2013
Tampa Natives Show hosts Steve Cannella and Mario Nunez in front of the Tampa Theater on Oscars night, Feb. 2012 20132013
New cover photo for Tampa Natives page, Army Navy Surplus Market added, Feb. 22, 2013 2013
Tampa Landmark To Become a Memory, Army Navy Surplus Market, 1312 N. Tampa St, photo montage 2009 - 2013 2013
Mercedes Cafeteria postcard, 15th Ave. & 16th St., Ybor City, circa 1970s 2013
Album: Tampa Natives Spotlight - The Auto Racing and Fabricating Blakely family of early Drew Park - Steven Blakely, Glen Blakely, Barabara Glomp Blakely, Howard Blakely, Ruth Blakely, Torrid Tampa Twosome roadster and dragster 1958, Sunshine Speedway, Tampa Nugget Roadster, Corvette, VW Beetle lawnmower, Free Spirit rocket powered dragster, Russell Mendez, Bayfront Center Go-Kart racing, Fre Country rocket powred go-kart, Jack McClure, 1984 Indy 500, Emerson Fittipaldi, Westshore Blvd. and Crest Ave., tribute invitation 2013
Woolworth's at Westshore Plaza, circa 1970s 2013
Invitation for University of South Florida USF commencement ceremony of charter class, Dec. 1963 2013
Tampa city bus (a  "wawa") interior and buses parked at bus garage on Platt St., circa 1945 2013
Bartke's Restaurant at Tampa International Airport cocktail menu, specialties of the house, 1958 2013
Bartke's Restaurant at Tampa International Airport and Rainbow Room dinner menu front cover, 1958 2013
Rubin's Restaurant montage, dining room, postcard, matchbook, advertisement, circa 1930s to 1950s 2013
Portrait of Ruben Fabelo, 1950s, host of radio show Fiesta en Tampa, station manager of WALT and WSOL radio 2013
Treasureland photo montage, 4115 E. Busch Blvd, brochure, outside view of ship, lady pirate, inside view, circa late 1960s to early 70s. 2013
Tampa Airport Motel postcard, 2222 N. Westshore Blvd., circa early to mid 1960s 2013
Tampa Board of Trade poster, colorized, showing Tamba Bay Hotel and downtown skyline, 1921 2013
Paul Reynolds as Shock Armstrong wearing #13 footbal jersey and pads, host of WTVT Big 13 Shock Theater, circa 1960s 2013
The Hub Bar on Zack St. between Florida Ave. and Marion St., 1949 2013
Postal employees celebrating 100 year anniversary of the Tampa Post Office, Nov. 24, 1931 2013
Postal workers sorting packages behind the US Post Office at the Federal Courthouse, Dec 31, 1925 2013
Jefferson High school baseball team, class of 1962 2013
Intersection of Dale Mabry & Sligh Ave showing Colonial Beach direction sign and gas at 28.9 cents, 1958 2013
Tampa Board of Trade poster from 1921 showing Tampa Bay Hotel and downtown skyline 2013
Ralston Beach on Egypt Lake, postcard, circa 1950s to 1960s 2013
Instructional graphic explaining Tampa Natives photo viewing options 2013
Photo Album: Rayzilla's Dreamboats at Ella's Americana Folk Art Cafe - 3 photos; the band & Tampa Natives Show hosts Mario Nunez and Steve Cannella 2013
Photo Album: Seabreeze on Wheels - 4 photos of Tampa Natives Show hosts Mario Nunez, Steve Cannella and Sally Nunez enjoy deviled crab 2013
Gasparilla XIX (19) King and Queen float on Franklin St., 1927 2013
Close up of "Orange Club" float with young ladies, Gasparilla XIX (19), 1927 2013
Exotic Gasparilla XIX (19) float on Franklin St., 1927 2013
Gasparilla XIX (19) parade on Grand Central Ave. with horses and carts, 1927 2013
Ayres Diner exterior front view in color, Seminole Heights, 4603 N. Florida Avenue, circa 1956 This is a repost of this photo here. 2013
Elvis Presley famous "tonsil shot" taken by Tampa photographer "Red" Robertson at Ft. Homer Hesterly armory, July 31, 1955 2013
Snow in Tampa beginning to fall on hood of car in Tampa Jan. 18, 1977, 11pm and snow on same car, Jan. 19, 1977, 6:30am 2013
Night view of 7th Avenue, Ybor City, looking east across 16th St with Centro Espanol cafe, circa 1927 2013
Outdoor dance at the Palma Ceia Country Club, showing bandshell, 1932 2013
Ad in Rinaldi's Guide Book of Tampa for Hutto & Shoenborn confectioners restaurant, 1920 (in Rinaldi Guide Book Album) 2013
Screen shot of Dick Clark celebrating New Years Eve in NY, with fans in background with "Ybor City & Tampa Bay Go Bucs" sign 2013
Cover of GTE telephone book, Aug 18, 1979 2013
Advertisement for Club Hi Hat in Drew Field Echoes, Jan 19, 1943 2013
Helen Fowler, and daughter Joyce Holt, seated on the porch steps of the Atlantic Hotel, circa 1946 2013
Brochure folder cover showing Club Hi Hat logo and address, 1204 Franklin St., circa 1940s 2013
Mrs. Westberry on the porch of the Atlantic Hotel on Franklin St., circa 1940s 2013
Al Westberry behind the bar at Club Hi Hat, 1204 N. Franklin St., circa 1946 2013
Al Westberry at Club Hi Hat at 1204 N. Franklin St., circa 1946 2013
Tampa Bay Buccaneers preseason schedule on Hav-A-Tampa receipt, 1976 2013
Tampa Bay Buccaneers season ticket stubs for inaugural season, 1976 2013
Photo album with 8 photos from the early 1970s of Cincinnati Reds at Al Lopez Field and Redsland; Pete Rose, Tony Perez, Dan Driessen, Joe Morgan, Sparky Anderson, George Foster, Johnny Bench, with Tampa Stadium in the background 2013
Previously unknown pool posted for identification by fans, now identified as the Sarasota Lido Pool 2012
Balustrades on small bridges located on Swann Circle, present day 2012
Biplane flying by Tampa City Hall, 1919 2012
Moonlight view of Davis Islands from Bayshore Blvd, circa 1920s by the Burgert Bros. 2012
Samuel P. Burgert, father of the Burgert brothers photographers, and cigar maker/photographer Jose Ramon Sanfeliz, circa 1900 2012
Sideline view of Buccaneers quarterback Steve Spurrier on the sidelines,  1976 2012
Spanish Park Restaurant at Broadway (7th Ave.) and 36th St., building exterior circa 1950s 2012
Newspaper ads from 1947 for Spanish Park Restaurant 2012
Newspaper ads from 1948 for Spanish Park Restaurant 2012
Tampa Bay Rowdies John Bluem and Eddie Austin in the Feb. 9, 1976 Gasparilla Parade, Platt St. Bridge (photo in Rowdies album) 2012
Promo video for the Tampa Natives Show, season ending Christmas Special 2012
Ad from 1941 LIFE Magazine for "Super Tampa Axminster" Mohawk carpet 2012
Centro Asturiano Hospital newborn bassinet card from 1950s 2012
Jack Eckerd, candidate for governor, running mate Paula Hawkins, and President Gerald Ford at a Tampa campaign event, 1978 2012
School safety patrol parade in convertible automobiles on Twiggs Street in downtown, May 7, 1958 2012
School safety patrol parade in convertible automobiles on Franklin Street in downtown, May 7, 1958 2012
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Minnesota Vikings action, Lee Roy Selmon & Cecil Johnson pressuring Viking QB Fran Tarkenton, Tampa Stadium, Oct. 1, 1978 2012
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Minnesota Vikings action, Doug Williams back to pass, Tampa Stadium, Oct. 1, 1978 2012
Newspaper photo of light plane crash at Red Lobster parking lot, Courtney Campbell Causeway, 1973 2012
Mullet Inn restaurant on Courtney Campbell Causeway, circa 1960s 2012
Namesake of Gunn Highway; John T. Gunn photo montage, Gunn & Seckinger Grocery, and biographical info 2012
Construction site of the Interstate 4 / Interstate 75 (now 275) interchange "Malfunction Junction" near downtown, May 1963 2012
WFLA / WTVT radio and TV personality Jack Harris as a young boy 2012
Commemorative porcelain plate depicting artist Carl Cowden's "TAMPA" mural at Florida Ave. and Royal St, 2009 2012
Dale Mabry Hwy looking south across Grand Central Ave. 1956 and present day (Kennedy Blvd.) 2012
N. Dale Mabry Highway at Gunn Highway, 1959 2012
Former Tampa Bay Rowdies star forward Derek Smethurst kicking a field goal as Tampa Bay Buccaneer field goal kicker, 1977 2012
Ben T. Davis municipal beach at Courtney Campbell Causeway, 1965 2012
USS Requin submarine docked on the Hillsborough River behind Curtis Hixon Hall convention center, circa mid 1970s 2012
Fellows Motor Co. Studebaker dealership at 813 Grand Central Ave., 1952 2012
Western Auto store and A&P grocery store parking lot view, 1100 S. Dale Mabry, 1956 2012
Guiseppe (Joe) Favata, son John and wife Maria Noriega, 1919, Joe & Son grocery delivery truck 1940s, photo montage 2012
Matchbook from Montana Restaurant, corner of Fletcher and 22nd St., no date 2012
Matchbook from Kaoribana Japanese restaurant, 13180 N. Dale Mabry, no date 2012
Early 1970s view of Tampa Stadium from across Himes Ave, before end zones were closed in 2012
NEW Video: Captain Dale Mabry bio and tragic death from "Signature Moments" by Ed Champenois. 2012
Matchbooks from Bill Knapp's, Country Dinner Playhouse, Steak n' Shake, TGI Friday's, The Colonnade, The FAmous Girves Brown Derby, The Verandah and Eckerd Drugs 2012
Front exterior view of Paxton's Hardware on now 3100 block of Kennedy Blvd, with owner Mel Paxton, early 1950s. 2012
Dr. Frank Scozzari Adamo photo montage featuring circa 1920s portrait provided by his granddaughter 2012
Downtown parade on Franklin Street in honor of Dr. Frank S. Adamo's safe return to Tampa, Apr. 27, 1945 2012
Malio's Steak House and Carmie's Italian restaurant montage and history, 1940s to present 2012
Page from Hawaiian Village brochure circa 1960s and news of destruction of original buildings 2012
George Benjamin Nelson and National Guard facility at Benjamin Field, 1909 through 1930, photo montage and history 2012
Three successive matchbooks: The Matterhorn Hofbrau Haus, Peoples, and Spanish Park Restaurant 2012
Tampa police department, captioned "Captain Latture's relief", group photo including officer John Singletary, circa 1945 2012
Tampa police officer John Singletary, circa 1945 2012
Photo Album - Midget Auto Races Program From Phillips Field, Tampa, 21 images, circa 1946 2012
Photo Album - Football game program from Thanksgiving Day game between Plant High School and Hillsborough High School, Nov. 28, 1946, Phillips Field - 25 images 2012
Four images from Nicole Abbett's spectacular time-lapse video "City Lights" featuring artist Tracy Dear's downtown bridge illuminations 2012
Fuller Warren campaign stop in Tampa, with catering by Jack's Cookies, Holsum Bread, beer and fried fish, 19482012 2012
Vanna Jones Zuckerman in costume on the field at Al Lopez baseball field, circa 1962 2012
Front cover of game program for Hillsborough High Terriers vs. Plant Panthers, Phillips Field, Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28, 1946 2012
Ticket and ticket stubs for football games at Phillips Field, indluding Thanksgiving Day game between Hillsborough and Plant High, 1945 2012
Newspaper photo of Robert "Bob"  Bosanko, second owner of Bo's Ice Cream on Florida Ave., 1987 2012
Busch Gardens park guide map circa 1960s 2012
Wreckage of cars and trucks caused by April 4, 1966 tornado in Tampa 2012
Photo Album: "Who loves you, baby?" Telly Savalas as Kojak and images of statistics  about Tampa Natives fan page 2012
Tampa Greyhound Track official program cover, 1962-1963 2012
Portrait of Julia Augusta Farrior Drake, date unknown 2012
Kapok Tree restaurant drinking glasses, date unknown 2012
Kapok Tree restaurant menu, date unknown 2012
Joe Cimino's Sinclair service station at 2121 Grand Central Ave. circa 1940s 2012
Postcard of Tampa Stadium first University of Tampa Spartans football game, Tennessee Volunteers, Nov 4, 1967 2012
Football game ticket stub, Plant High School vs. Hillsborough High School, Thanksgiving game, Tampa Stadium, Nov. 26, 1970. 2012
Postcard of Busch Gardens scenes, Old Swiss House, Giraffes and the brewery 2012
Postcard of Tampa skyline and docked Gasparilla ship from Plant Park, circa late 1960s 2012
Photo Album:  Tampa Natives vs. Tampa Bay - We're sick and tired and we're not gonna take it any more!  Examples of misuse and abuse of the term "Tampa Bay" promoting the misconception that "Tampa Bay" is the name of our city.

Logo: People live in Tampa - Fish live in Tampa Bay - It's TAMPA, not Tampa Bay!, St. Petersburg Times becomes Tampa Bay Times, Southwest Airlines can't find an airport in Tampa but they do take off and land in Tampa Bay, FL., Sign promoting Tampa Bay with image of downtown Tampa at night posted at Walmart, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay FL, Outback Bowl logo Tampa Bay, Republican National Convention souvenir elephant with images of Tampa but pennant showing "Tampa Bay", Action 10 News article datelined Tampa Bay, FL, Vancouver radio station story about Mariners vs. Rays game in Tampa Bay, FL, Comulogix.com website design company in Tampa Bay, FL, Visittampabay.com home page with photo of downtown Tampa skyline and caption "Welcome to Tampa Bay," Tampa Bay Times real estate listing in Tampa Bay, TBT Tampa Bay Times free newspaper front page Nov 2008 "World Premier Musical Opening in Tampa Bay - Wonderland, Instructional graphic showing Tampa's bays, Wikipedia article titled "Tampa Bay" properly distinguishes between the bay, the demographic region and the city, Mapquest directions to Tampa Bay take you into the by, Tampa Tribune article on fatal crash statistics in Tampa, Official guide to the 2012 Republican Convention promoting Tampa Bay, a view of Tampa Bay from the Gandy Bridge with towering sign "Tampa Bay" digitally added, Photo of downtown Tampa at night with caption "Tampa Bay at Night" from a blog website with tailgating instructions from TexanMarkTailgate.blogspot.com., Premier Concierge Service's home webpage showing downtown skyline at night as "Tampa Bay", "Welcome to Tampa Bay photoshopped billboard featuring Mayor Charlie Tuna.

Postcard of University of South Florida Admin building, circa 1960s 2012
Malio's Restaurant owner Malio Iavarone, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach John McKay, NY Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and Tampa Tribune sports writer Tom McEwen celebrate the Yankees 1977 World Series at Malio's Steak House. 2012
Tampa Police officers ___, Cavaliere, and __on first day they could have moustaches, no date 2012
Hawaiian Village Good Luck tiki mugs, no date 2012
Bartke's Restaurant swizzle sticks, circa 1960s 2012
Hawaiian Village swizzle sticks, circa 1970s 2012
Falge's Restaurant Menu, corner of Bayshore Blvd. and Gandy Blvd, circa 1970s 2012
Jake Walker's Chicken 'n Chips at 3423 S. Dale Mabry, 1954 and 1958 2012
Photo Album:  Matchbooks and matchboxes from long-time and former Tampa and area establishments

Mirabella's, Goody Goody, Jake Walker's Chicken 'n Chips, Las Novedades Spanish Restaurant, The Dinette Drive In Restaurant, Bartke's at Tampa International Airport, Columbia Restaurant, El Boulevard Spanish Restaurant, the Penthouse Club atop Tampa Terrace Hotel, the Helnan Riverside Hotel, Sambo's, Blaikie's Restaurant in Lutz, the Claiborne Restaurant, Cafe Pepe, The Flame Restaurant, Victoria Station restaurant, The Casbah lounge & restaurant at Holiday Inn West - Stadium,  Brass Ballon Restaurant & Lounge at Tampa Bay Center mall, Malio's Steak House, The Copper Door restaurant, Houlihan's restaurant  & Tampa Bay Buccaneers "Bucco Bruce" helmet, Brothers Too restaurant, Cafe Creole & Oyster Bar, Samba Room Cuban bar and Latin Cafe, Chateau Parisien French gourmet restaurant, Bayshore Conch Club restaurant, Country Jubilee private membership club, Wildwood restaurant, Sea Wolf, Dourney's Sea Wolf, Harry's Drive Inn and And Gandy Bridge Service Station, Brothers, Cactus Club, Chi-Chi's, Chinese Pavilion, Coconut Joe's, Dooley's, Exchange National Bank, Gene's Place Lounge, Grafitti, the Stable Room at the Thomas Jefferson Hotel, Lincoln Hotel at the Uban Centre, London Victory Club, Lupton's Fat Man's BBQ, The Melting Pot, Peoples, the Press Box, The Quick Red Fox, RG's, Roosters, Rough Rider's, Rusty Pelican, Selena's, Tanga Lounge, USF Bookstore, Zapp's, 94th Aero Squadron, Hawaiian Village, Cafe Sevilla, Spanish Park, the Matterhorn, Boneshaker's, Brewmaster's, Crawdaddy's, the Cypress Club, John David Carmine's, Kapok Tree Inn, Valencia Garden, Ristorante Mama Mia, Blueberry Hill, Confetti, La Cave, Bill Knapp's, Eckerd Drugs, Dow Sherwood's Showboat Dinner Theatre, TGI Friday's.

Patrons dining at table at University Restaurant with paper placemats, circa 1979 2012
Tin Can Tourists of the World montage, De Soto Park, Tampa Municipal Trailer Park, Fred & Violet Holtzman, 1919 through 1940s 2012
Back of Christmas card described below, from Sheriff Blackburn and wife, to George Cannella, Dec. 1963 2012
Christmas card of Hillsborough County Sheriff Ed Blackburn and his wife, Dec 1963 2012
Bowlers from the Tampa Brewing Company, Sabana Bottle Beer Bowling Team - Dec. 7, 1940 2012
Bystanders and streetcar drivers on a street in front of a billiards & bowling establishment, 1941 2012
Streetcar to Sulphur Springs on downtown street with drivers and onlooker, 1941 2012
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Junior Deputy badge, circa 1969 2012
Tampa Bay Rowdies limited edition 1976 print by LeRoy Nieman, commemorating their 1975 season 2012
Children buying Florida orange juice from a vending machine at Publix Supermarket, Northgate Shopping Center, 1957 2012
Roy Leep, WTVT Channel 13 legendary meteorologist, preaching at a De Soto Memorial Easter Sunrise Service, circa late 60s or early 70s 2012
White Sox outfielder Orestes (Minnie) Miñoso Minoso and his green Cadillac at Al Lopez Field for spring training, Mar. 22, 1954. 2012
Fowler Avenue as a dirt road in 1958  
Aerial view of downtown in 1957 showing the Thomas Jefferson Hotel at Franklin and Whiting St. 2012
Customers waiting outside the Floridan Appliance Company, 502 E. Cass St., Oct. 1947 2012
Grand Way Discount Centers newspaper ad, circa 1960s 2012
Merry Go Round carousel at Lowry Park, circa 1957 2012
Studio portrait of Tampa Natives Show hosts Mario Nunez, Sally Nunez and Steve Cannella by Pepito Masterpiece Portraits, June 2012 2012
Super Bowl XVIII (18) pin depicting Tampa Stadium "the Big Sombrero" , played Jan 22, 1984 2012
Original Burger King sign with original king logo, circa mid 1960s 2012
Carl Cowden, III and his iconic Tampa mural on Royal St. at Florida Avenue, montage from 1957 to present 2012
SuperTest Super Test radio ad and jingle 1964  from WHBO on Daisy Maye show with slideshow images of amusement park at Columbus Drive and Dale Mabry, photos from 1950s 2012
Remains of an old shipwreck on the Hillsborough River near Sulphur Springs park, photo from 1960 2012
Hurricane Elena flooding Hillsborough River at Swire House building, 102 W. Whiting St. and Ashley Drive, Labor Day weekend, 1985 2012
Knight & Wall hardware company montage and history, 1880s to 1970s, with history of the Wall and Knight families 2012
Collene Moore, Tampa's gift to silent filmdom, and her half-million dollar doll house, 1920s to 1940s 2012
Krispy Kreme doughnuts montage, Florida Avenue store, Mark Gauthier, Jack Harris, Vanna White, and KK history 2012
Employees at International Business Machines IBM store in Tampa, and views of the store, 1950s 2012
"La Alcaldesa" Molly Ferrara at Columbia Music and Appliance Company, 1416 East Broadway, 1957 2012
"La Setima" 7th Avenue street sign in Ybor City, digitally altered to show correct spelling, "La Septima" 2012
Montgomery Wards at 1701 N. Dale Mabry, and Star Supermarket, predecessor to Kash n' Karry, March, 1960 2012
Guisepi Belfiore, original member of the Centro Asturiano Club, no date. 2012
Woolworth at Westshore Plaza, circa early 1970s 2012
City of Tampa Utilities bill for 1967 2012
Views of Henderson Blvd, B&B Grocery, Belk Lindsey, 1955 2012
NEW Video: WALT radio station ad for Shakey's Pizza Parlor new location on N. Florida Ave., 1966 2012
Kash n' Karry grocery receipt from 1972 2012
Radio station Y95 WYNF logos, no date 2012
"TAMPA" mural at 1102 N. Florida Avenue & Royal St, by Carl Cowden, III, as seen in 2005 2012
Boneshaker's Restaurant ad from Aug. 20, 1976 NASL Kick Magazine, "Get Rowdie with the Rowdies after every game." 2012
Shakey's Pizza Parlor ad from June 14, 1977 NASL Kick Magazine 2012
USF President Dr. Judy Genshaft and Tampa Natives Larry Flegle, 2012 2012
Hillsborough High School 1946 graduate Hazel Maxine Keene Flegle in cap and gown 2012
Danny Daniels and Jack Stir ("Major Jack") in the WFLA studio at the organ and microphone, Sept. 10, 1953 2012
Egypt Lake Elementary School 1st Grade class photo, 1963-1964, Teacher.. Mrs. Sylvia Onderko 2012
Portrait of Chick Smith, Ford auto dealer in Clearwater who starred in his commercials well-remembered by Tampans, 1970s 2012
Wright's Gourmet House on Dale Mabry and portable sign in front promoting the Tampa Natives Show Season 5 premiere, April 2012 2012
Shock Armstrong All-American Ghoul montage, Shock Theatre, Paul Reynolds WTVT Big 13, Manuel Beiro, Bozo the Clown, 1960s 2012
Franklin Street, 700 block looking south, Tampa Theater & Florida Theater theatre,  Butlers Shoes, Maas Brothers, First National Bank building, 1953 2012
Brandon Eagles football team newspaper photo, Sept. 17, 1963 2012
Newspaper photo 1963 Hillsborough High School Terriers football team 2012
WQYK Radio 1110 AM 99.5 FM Modern Country bumper sticker, 1973 2012
The Eli Witt Cigar Company building with delivery trucks in the foreground, a division of Hav A Tampa, 612 Eunice Ave., 1933 2012
Teddy' Roosevelt's "Rough Riders" arriving in Tampa on horseback at Port Tampa, 1898, digitally altered to show them holding platters of Yellow Rice & Chicken to depict the "Charge of the Yellow Rice Brigade" from 1898 2012
A curbside public bench advertising radio station WYOU, "You Turn Us On" 1550 kc, strip mall in background Buck's Barber Shop, Frank's Luncheonette & Econ O Wash, 1973 2012
Larry Flegle and Ronnie Keene wearing their "Sunday best" on Easter Sunday, 1953 2012
Auto racing and Phillips Field race track, late 1950s 2012
Larry Flegle and his green VW Beetle "Bug" parked on the sidewalk, 1967 2012
Exterior view of Frankie's Restaurant and sign, Kennedy Blvd. (Grand Central), no date 2012
Dog n' Suds restaurant sign, no date 2012
Hazel Maxine Keene with her horse on Giddens Avenue, 1943 2012
Ronnie Keene and Larry Flegle with a football and baseball glove, Christmas 1959 - 3617 E. Giddens Ave., Tampa 10, FL 2012
Bryan Elementary School at 30th St & Hillsborough Ave, 3rd grade class photo, 1957 2012
WTVT Channel 13 sign and studio exterior view, circa mid 1950s 2012
WLCY TV 10 logo, "A Rahall Station" 1967 2012
"Water Turkey" fishing lure made in Tampa, Mercer's Bait & Tackle, Hillsborough Ave. and 36th St., in 1960 2012
Jackson Heights Elementary School band, 1960 2012
Ernie Lee on the set of "Good Day" with Herb & Kay Adams, Charles "Red" Seal" bass fiddle & Randy Tate keyboard circa late 50s 2012
"Salty Sol" Fleischman at the microphone of Pulse Plus news, circa 1970s to 1980s 2012
Cover of 1963 Franklin Junior High School Cub yearbook 2012
Hillsborough County Public Schools report card to parents, Benjamin Franklin Junior High School, 1962-1963 2012
Curtis Hixon Hall convention center at 600 N. Ashley Drive, postcard, circa 1960s 2012
Cal Shrum singing and  playing a guitar at the microphone of WHBO radio, he was one of the announcers at WHBO 2012
Dr. Larry Flegle and friend Gene Deckerhoff, members of the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association 2012
Larry Flegle with the Franklin Junior High School Band at the nighttime Gasparilla Parade in Ybor City - 1963 2012
Vernon Flegle with Red Rock Cola Bottling Co. Tampa truck - 1949 2012
Florida Times WTSP Mutual Field Unit Press Photo, circa late 1940s to early 1950s 2012
Radio station WQYK country music bumper sticker, 1110 AM 99.5 FM 2012
Florida map showing "Tampa Bay" as an area 2012
Cover of "Clarita's Cocina" cookbook by Clarita del Palacio Valdez de Garcia, wife of Manuel Garcia Jr., owner of Las Novedades Restaurant 2012
WTVT Big 13 meteorologist Roy Leep and Scud, the weather dog, 1990 2012
Ad from Kick Magazine for Valle's Restaurant, 1712 N. Dale Mabry, 1978 2012
Ads from Kick Magazine for Today's World Waterbeds with Rodney Marsh, J. Burns Pizza & Pipes, Hawaiian Village, 1978 2012
Ad for restaurant Victoria Station from Kick Magazine, 2903 N. Dale Mabry, 1978 2012
Leroy Neiman poster of Tampa Bay Rowdies Mike Connell, Derek Smethurst and John Boyle, 1975-1979 2012
NASL North American Soccer League poster of caricatures of team mascosts, by Scott Ross, 1975-1979 2012
Thomas Kaspar and friends throwing snowballs, snow in Tampa, Jan 19, 1977 2012
Snow in Tampa on cars at Ferman Chevrolet on Kennedy Blvd., Jan 19, 1977 2012
Celo demonstration in the Tampa Theater lobby, a drink made from celery in Florida, 1930 2012
Tampa Theater and crowd gathered in front for "Bank Night" and movie "What Every Woman Knows" with Helen Hayes, 1934 2012
Lafayette Street / Kennedy Blvd. bridge photo montage, JFK, circa 1890 to 2011 2012
Gulf Service Station at corner of Buffalo Avenue and Florida Avenue, 1936 2011
East approach to the Lafayette St. bridge, circa late 1930s 2011
Maas Brothers Christmas display with David Fox, 1968 2011
Gordon Solie, a.k.a. Jonard Frank Labak / Labiak, announcer for NWA wrestling and auto racing, circa 1960s 2011
Ateo P. Leto, first principal of Chamberlain High School and namesake of Leto High School 2011
Post cards showing Webb's City drug store, Garden Center and Jungle Nursery, circa early 1950s 2011
Webb's City, The World's Most Unusual Drug Store, St. Petersburg, circa late 1940s 2011
Kapok Tree Inn Restaurant, Clearwater, 1968 postcard 2011
Link to mp3 audio file of WLCY 138 am radio jingles 2011
A sheet of S&H Green Stamps, Sperry & Hutchinson, circa 1960s 2011
S&H Green Stamps Sperry & Hutchinson Gift Saver book, circa 1960s 2011
Tampa Electric TECO sign and former water fountain at Dale Mabry and Kennedy Blvd, circa 1970s 2011
The Walls of Tampa - portraits of Judge Perry Green Wall, sons Wm. Washington Wall & Dr. John P. Wall, grandsons Mayor Perry G. Wall and Charlie Wall 2011
Dan Rowan & Dick Martin of Laugh-In backstage with fans at Curtis Hixon Hall, June 7, 1968 2011
Poster for "Adventures in Nowhere", a novel by John Ames that takes place in Tampa in the 1950s 2011
W. T. Edwards Hospital at 4014 W. Buffalo Ave., mid 1950s and 2005 2011
Lafayette St. bridge under construction with temporary Jackson St. bridge, Feb. 1913 2011
Advertisement for Orange Crush soft drink bottled by Coca Cola in Tampa, from Rinaldi's Guidebook of Tampa, 1920 2011
Tampa Jai-Alai billboard and B & B grocery warehouse, probably in Ybor City near 12th St., circa 1970s 2011
Al Tomanini and Howard K. Marko on a visit to Tampa in Feb. 1947 - Al Tomanini proprietor of Giants Fishing Camp, Gibsonnton 2011
Branch's Opera House at Lafayette St. and Franklin St., photo montage from 1870s to 1900 with 1887 map 2011
1921 "Tarpon Springs Hurricane" photo montage showing newspaper articles and photos of the damage in Tampa 2011
Hillsborough County firefighter Buddy Fernandez 2011
"What's In A Name?" feature on the naming of Himes Avenue and Gray Gables, photo montage 2011
Hillsborough High School influential persons of history; Benjamin Chalmers (B.C.) Graham, E.L. Robinson, Frances N. Clayton, Frederic Henry Spaulding, Francis J. Kennard, Vivian Gaither, Marcelino "Chelo" Huerta, Don Williams 2011
Christopher Columbus statue at Bayshore Blvd. and Platt St. bridge, 1953 2011
Aerial photo showing downtown, Hyde Park and Davis Islands, labled "Tampania", circa 1950s 2011
Cigar City Magazine cover showing Mario Nunez and Steve Canella as Shock Armstrong and Dr. Paul Bearer, Oct. 2011 2011
Frisch's restaurant newspaper ad promoting Mother's Day special, May 8, 1970 2011
Ann Turner Cook photo montage, the lady whose face is the logo for Gerber baby foods, she was a teacher at Hillsborough High School 2011
Tower Drive In theater entrance at night and brochure advertisement, 1952 2011
Tower Drive In theater newspaper ad promoting opening night, Oct. 22, 1952, at Florida Ave. and Bird St. 2011
Sulphur Springs water tower close up of top, modified to promote the Tampa Natives Show 2011
Krispy Kreme doughnuts sign at Florida Avenue location, modified to promote the Tampa Natives Show 2011
Sykes building at 400 Ashley with "Exploding Chicken" sculpture, modified to promote the Tampa Natives Show 2011
Macfarlane Park archway at George Guida Drive and MacDill Avenue, modified to read "Tampa Natives Show" 2011
Tampa Natives Show Logo 2011
President John F. Kennedy JFK in front of a crowd at Al Lopez field for Tony Jannus award, color photo, Nov. 18, 1963 2011
Chef Rolando "Rudy" Romero in the kitchen with his assistants at Mirabella's Restaurant, 327 N. Dale Mabry, circa early 1960s 2011
Maas Brothers store interior, St. Petersburg, 1961, photo misidentified in local Tampa paper as being the downtown Tampa store 2011
Fidel Castro making a speech in Tampa, Nov. 26, 1955 2011
Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC sign at Dale Mabry and Henderson Blvd, 1961 2011
The Southern Songsters, ladies who first sang commercials on WDAE radio in 1925 2011
Hillsborough High School vs. Plant High School football game at Phillips Field, Thanksgiving Day, circa 1940s 2011
Football legend Harold "Red" Grange getting a speeding ticket in Temple Terrace, Jan 3, 1926 2011
Newspaper advertisement for stock car races at Phillips Field, by Joe Rodriguez Promotions, Aug 30, 1958 2011
Sidewalk close up of inscription at 2300 block of W. Union Street  "S Cappello 222 Main St. West Tampa 1919" and identification 2011
Employees of Tampa Electric Company TECO posing on the lawn at offices located at Dale Mabry Hwy. & Kennedy Blvd, circa 1950s 2011
Jefferson High School commencement program showing names of graduating girls, Jun 7, 1967 2011
Jefferson High School commencement program showing names of graduating boys, Jun 7, 1967 2011
Jefferson High School commencement program cover, Jun 7, 1967, when the school was on Highland Ave. 2011
Galloway's Furniture in south Tampa on Henderson Blvd, 1957 2011
Tampa Stadium aerial view during NFL exhibition game between the NY Jets and Detroit Lions, Aug 7, 1971 2011
Centro Asturiano Hospital newspaper article "Know Your Hospital Better" circa mid 1960s 2011
Jai-Alai program showing the lineups for each match and player stats, Dec. 27, 1963 2011
Jai-Alai program p.16 showing names of officials and players, Dec. 27, 1963 2011
Jai-Alai program cover showing Tampa Fronton, welcome by fronton president Frank J. Kraemer, season opening day, Dec. 27, 1965 2011
Gonzalez Clinic medical health benefits rate increase notice, Aug. 1969 2011
A "Numbers Sheet" for Bolita or "La Charada", called "El hombre de la buena suerte" (The Good Luck Man), circa 1950s or 1960s 2011
Palma Ceia Theatre exterior view, MacDill Ave. and San Carlos St., 1942 2011
Phillips Field aerial view, circa lat 1940s to early 1950s 2011
Film program brochure for Palma Ceia Theatre, MacDill Ave. at San Carlos, 1953 2011
Tampa family enjoying Carriage Cavalcade tourist attraction at Silver Springs, circa 1960s 2011
Newspaper articles showing Tampa Stadium layout and parking, including prices for tickets, concessions and novelties, Aug. 20, 1976 2011
Sarah Farrior in her wedding dress, 1946 2011
Fort Homer Hesterly Armory, 522 N. Howard Avenue, West Tampa, 2009 2011
Homer W. Hesterly, prominent Tampa citizen, circa 1950s 2011
Tampa Bay Center mall directory, circa 1998 2011
Sulphur Springs water tower, oil on canvas painting by David Cavaliere, 2007 2011
Getting ready for a Sunday morning cockfight, newspaper photo of men and children, members of the Polo family, circa 1915. 2011
Modern Dairy owned by brothers Joe Jr. and Manuel Campoamor, advertisement in La Gaceta showing milk machine, 1964 2011
Michigan Ave. (Columbus Drive) bridge construction, Michigan Estates and Suburb Royal (Riversided Heights), 1926 2011
Brorein Street Bridge montage, Carl & William G. Brorein, Peninsular Telephone Company, 1920s and 1930s 2011
Hawaiian Village Motel, oil on canvas painting by David Cavaliere, 2008 2011
An Audichron (talking clock), a machine used by Exchange National Bank to provide phone callers with the time of day, 1941 2011
George S. Gandy and Howard P. Macfarlane, 1922, men for whom streets in Tampa were named 2011
Alfred & Grace Gonzalez, and daughter Jeanette, owners of Seminole Aquatic nursery, on a Sulphur Springs outing, 1941 2011
The Dinette - The smallest drive-in in town, montage of diner and matchbook ads, 1948 & 1951 2011
Harbour Island People Mover montage, 1985 - 1999, and history of Harbour Island / Seddon Island 2011
Present day photo of Charlie Miranda and reduced size photo as a Cuban Dancer as seen in the next photo, 1950s 2011
Boy's Club Gasparilla parade Cuban Dancer Charlie Miranda on Sanchez St., 1950s 2011
Phil Bourquardez Park, downtown Tampa, Constantine "Constant" Bourquardez family history and photo montage, 1890s to 1960s 2011
Newspaper article about William Haskins in "Pioneer Florida" by D. B. McKay, 1954, two consecutive photos 2011
Latin-American Club banquet with U.S. Senator Charles O. Andrews at 2201 N. Nebraska, Latin-American Club building, Dec. 1938 2011
"Fishing in Florida" by Salty Sol Fleischman newspaper article and photo featuring Thomas Kaspar Sr. & Norman Rogers, cica 1940s 2011
Program from Florida State Chamber of Commerce meeting at Fort Homer Hesterly Armory featuring President John F. Kennedy JFK as keynote speaker.  Presiding as President of the Chamber of Commerce was Floyd B. Bowen, Invocation by Dr. George A. Foster, welcome by Governor Farris Bryant,  presenting questions was James H. Couey, Jr., Nov. 18, 1963 2011
Little Fairy Queen riverboat ride at Lowry Park, 1959 2011
Menendez Hardware & Alonso Pharmacy, Amrenia between Columbus Dr. and Kathleen St., circa 1980 2011
Tampa Transit Lines bus mechanics lined up next to a city bus, July 1952 2011
President John F. Kennedy JFK motorcade on Franklin St. downtown, in front of Fremacs and Madison Rexall, Nov. 18, 1963 2011
Mirabella's Restaurant & Seafood Co. photo montage 1950s and 1960s, with family and company history 2011
Present-day remains of a fish hatchery in the Sulphur Springs area, requesting any information known about it 2011
Peitro Anello and a group of men and boys gathered around a table in a field, possibly a picnic at Palmetto Beach, 1903, 2011
F.W. Woolworth exterior view, corner of Polk St. and Franklin St., Oct. 3, 1941 2011
F. W. Woolworth luncheonette, downtown Tampa, 801 N. Franklin St., circa mid 1940s 2011
F. W. Woolworth snack counter, downtown Tampa, 801 N. Franklin St., circa early 1940s 2011
Photo Album:   Ads from "Rinaldi's Gude book of Tampa and South Florida, 1920"

Ad for Knight and Wall Hardware and Sporting Goods

Ad for Clement D. Cates Co., Brokers at 311 Citizens Bank Bldg

Title page for Rinaldi's Official Guide Book Tampa and South Florida, 1920. The ads in this album are from this book.

Ad for Miami-Havana Touring Company at the Bay View Hotel, W.B. Hoyt, 2nd Vice President

Ad for the Hillsboro Hotel, absolutely fire proof

Ads for Florida Investment Company in the National City Bank Bldg and The McDonald Cottages at 409 E. Lafayette St.

Ads for Jones Hotel at 408 E. Lafayette St., Hier's Boarding House at 609 Tampa St. and the Spiritualist Church at Morgan and Lafayette Streets

Ad for Yakima Fruit Growers Assn. apples

Ad for Ambassador Sardines, distributed by W.H. South & Co.

Ad for Marlboro Hotel at Tampa and Zack Streets

Ad for Hotel Olive, Franklin Street

Ads for Lafayette Hotel at 100 Lafayette St. and the Hale Hotel at Franklin St. and Tyler

Ad for Sooy photography studio at 501 Franklin St.

Ads for The Geraldin at 109 Plant Ave. and The Lea's Hotel at Jackson & Jefferson Streets

Ads for Hotel St. Clair at Franklin & Washington Streets and Hotel Orange at 815 Tampa Street

Ad by Coca-Cola Bottling Co promoting Ward's Orange Crush soft drink

Ad for Hamilton Beach home motors

Ad for Arlington Hotel at 1219 Franklin St. and Detroit Hotel at 1014 1/2 Franklin St.

Ad for Mrs. E. B. Reed Millinery and apparel for women at 214 Lafayette St.

Ad for Madam Himes Hygienic Beauty Parlors, 315 Zack St.

Ads for Dr. Berry Osteopathy in the Hillsboro Hotel and Dairy Kitchen restaurant at Tampa and Lafayette Streets

Ad for King's Auto Service promoting Cadillac and Packard

Ad for Arcade Dining Halls on Tampa Street or Franklin St.

Ads for El Boulevard Restaurant at Nebraska & Palm Ave. and Mrs Julia Martine Chiropodist at Zack and Florida Ave.

Ad for Hillsboro Auto Service at Twiggs & The Hillsboro Hotel promoting auto service for Packards and Cadillacs

Ads for Nestle permanent hair waving, Leonard's marcel & water waving, and Dr. J.J. Harvey Chiropody at 316 Twiggs St.

Ad for Hutto & Schoenborn restaurant at 508 Franklin St., promoting ice cream and sodas

Ad for Goldstein's Pools and Goldstein's Realty Co. Loans and Investments

Ads for American Cafeteria at 309 Harrison St in the Rhodes-Mahoney Bldg. and Plaza Restaurant at 316 Franklin St.

Ad for Falsone Motor Car Company advertising Wescott auto service, Franklin & Twiggs Streets

Ad for the Alligator Farm at Sulphur Springs, J. A. Stokes, Proprietor

Ads for Florida souvenirs, watches and jewelry, M. Ressler at 604 Florida Ave. and Sulphur Springs Bathing Pool, A. M. Farrell, manager

Ad for Maas Brothers, Franklin St. and Zack St.

Ad by Maas Brothers promoting Derryvale Genuine Irish Linens

Ad for The Palms Restaurant at 208 E. Lafayette St.

Ads for Elk Auto Service at Lafayette and Tampa Streets and The Arcade Studio Portraits using Eastman films and Kodak Finishing

Ad for Paine Odorless Dry Cleaners at 104 Lafayette St.

Ads for White Laundry at 202-208 Cass St. and Whitestone Ginger Ale by Chas. H. Moorhouse, distributor

Ad for Tampa Floral Company at 2606-12 Eighth Ave.

Ad for Townes Tampa Steam Laundry

Ad for Manuel Garcia's Spanish Restaurant at N. Franklin St. and Constant St.

Ad for Poinsettia Ice Cream

Ad for the Tampa Daily Times newspaper

Ad for Joughin's Corner restaurant (formerly Val's) at Lafayette and Tampa Streets

Ad for Tampa Business College at Grand Central and Edison Avenues, L. M. Hatton, President

Ad for Park View Fruit Market at the end of the Lafayette St. bridge

Ads for Tampa Shu-Fixry at 206 Lafayette St. and KLIM powdered milk at 907 Franklin St.

Ad for the Columbia Restaurant at Seventh Ave. and 22nd Street

Ads for Tampa Hat Works & Andrews Place and F. T. Blount funeral directors at 915 Florida Ave.

Ad for Benjamin lighting by Pierce Electric Co., distributors

Ad for Purity & C.C. Pride margarine by Smith, Richardson & Co. wholesale distributors

Ad for White Rose Cafe at 215 E. Lafayette St. promoting Chinese, Spanish and American dishes

Ad for Business University of Tampa over Grand Theater, Mrs. H. W. Middleton, Principal and Weal Syndicate Inc. at 208 Fortune St.

Ad for H. C. Cole Milling Co. Omega and White Ring flour, Lucas Brothers, Co. distributors

Ad for White House brand coffee and tea, Dwinell-Wright Co. principal coffee roasters

Ad for Tampa Drug Company at Florida Ave. and Washington St.

Ad for Wilson Line Transportation, steamboat service at Jackson St. Wharf, Tampa and City Wharf, St. Pete

Ad for Cadick Milling Company Gold Dust flour, Markey Harmon Co. wholesale distributors

Ad for 7-pound Fox typewriter by Allen Typewriter and Plating Works at 205 Franklin St.

Ad for Belding-Hall refrigerator by Tarr Furniture Company, Inc at Tampa St. and Twiggs

Ad promoting an Electric Cleaner by Tampa Electric Co. commercial dept. at 810 Tampa St.

Ads for Tampa Furniture Company at 797-9 Florida Ave. and Dekle Investment Company real estate, loans, securities in the Citizens Bank Building

Ads for Bartlett-Youmans Co. at 410 1/2 Franklin St. promoting Florida land sales and Hoke Realty Co at the Gas Co. Building, room 6

Ad for Peninsular Telephone Company, W. G. Brorein, President

Ad for Tampa Bay Land Company, owners of Palma Ceia Park and South Tampa Gardens

Ads for Beckwith-Range Jewelry Co at 410 Frankin St. and Julia Weckler, Notary Public and Stenographer at 911 Citizens Bank Bldg.

Ad for Upper Ten Ginger Ale, Consolidated Grocery Co. distributors

Ad for Henry Giddens Clothing Co., Lafayette St. and Franklin

Ads for Knight & Wall Co. hardware and sporting goods, mill supplies and Jeffrey's Waterproof Marine Glue, C. W. Green Co, Agents

Ad for Rinaldi Printing Company, Book and Job Printers at 111 Lafayette Street

Ad for J. W. Eckhart, Florida souvenirs, jewelry and other novelties

Ad for automobile supplies, fishing tackle and motor boat equipment by C. W. Greene Co. at Tampa and Madison Streets

Ad for D. F. Owen Company, distributors of motor car accessories, tires, motor oil & parts, J. W. Nicholas, manager, at 219 Franklin St.

Ad for G. Norman Baughman Co. Wholesale auto parts

Ad by Southern Tire Co. promoting Gordon tires with triangle tread

Ads for Tampa Tire & Supply Co promoting Long-Wear tires at 310 Franklin St and McMichael & Trezevant Tires promoting Barney Oldfield tires at 201 Franklin St

Ad for Bruce Motor Truck Co. at 304 Washington St. promoting Republic trucks and service

Ad promoting Victory Brand canned foods and Boyle's by the Snow-Bryan Company, distributors

Ad for Mortoist [sic] Supply Co. (Motorist) at Tampa and Zack, promoting Goodrich tires and F. P. Farriss, authorized Ford dealer at 405 Lafayette St. and 406 Jackson St.

Ad for the Clyde Glenn Co. photo-engraving & advertising at 512 1/2 Tampa St.

Ad for Myrtle Hill Burial Park cemetery, office at First National Bank Building, Rm. 14

Ad for Wayne Brand canned fruit and vegetables by Chas. H. Moorhouse, sole distributor

Ad for Citizens-American Bank & Trust

Ad for the Exchange National Bank of Tampa

Ad for the Bank of Commerce

Ad for Bently-Gray Dry Goods Company at Twiggs and Tampa Streets

Ad for Hall-Jones Realty Co at Citizens Bank Bldg

Ad for Beckwith & Warren Co. real estate and loans, at First National Bank Bldg

Ad for Clover Hill butter churned by the Fox River Butter Co., Snow & Bryan distributors

Ad for Vanity self rising flour, distributed by Cumberland & Liberty Mills

Ad for Antonio & Cleopatra cigars by Havana-American Co. Branch, Ybor - Manrara Co.

Ad by Consolidated Typrwriter Co promoting Royal and Corona typrwriters, the Ediphone dictating machine, and Dalton adding machines

Ad for Thompson & Company promoting cigars, at 711 Twiggs St.


Photo Album Tampa Natives "Rockin New Years Eve" party at the Marriott on Westshore, Dec. 31, 2009  82 photos
Photo Album Tampa Natives at Pinarama Bowling Feb. 2010 14 photos
Photo Album Tampa Natives at Tropicana Field, Rays game, Hall and Oates concert, May 29, 2010  17 photos
Photo Album Tampa Bay Rowdies NASL Soccer team 49 photos
Photo Album Hillsborough High School 14 photos
Photo Album George Washington Jr. High School (Formerly  Hillsborough and Jefferson) 11 photos
Photo Album Helen Hill School 50th Anniversary Yearbook, 1963 12 photos
Photo Album Tampa Cigar Box Artwork 8 photos
Photo Album La Traduccion Newspaper building with close ups of newsboys, 1936
Spectacular video in time-lapse, "City Lights" by Nicole Abbett, featuring the lighting art of Tracey Dear on downtown's bridges
The "other" Tampa
Tampa Natives Rockin' New Year's Eve Party, Marriott Westshore, Dec. 31, 2009
Tampa Jai-Alai Fronton video with brief outside night view, inside locker room and players in action, narated by Oli Gonzalez, circa 1970s
Rare video of Tampa native Rick Casares on field while warming up with Chicago Bears and coach George Halas, circa early 1960s
Rare video of Lowry Park in the 1960s with whale exhibit
Video featuring Tampa Bay History Center President & CEO CJ Roberts, Vilma Sabella and Alex Kinder of Ybor State Museum, Fred Hearns of Tampa Bay History Tours and Doretha Wynn Edgecomb, on Tampa's rich cultural heritage; cigar industry, cigar maker casita, Central Avenue business pioneers, the Jackson House, and Middlenton High School alumni
Snow in Tampa Channel 10 news story from Jan. 2011 with Bobby Deskins about when it snowed in Tampa on Jan 19, 1977
Goody Goody Drive-In Restaurant Channel 8 News feature with reporter Larry Cotton interviewing Yvonne Freeman, circa late 1990s
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