The NHL Stanley Cup at Carlton Fields - Sept. 24, 2004

Proudly escorted by Paul Davis and an official Cup handler, the Stanley Cup arrives for display at Carlton Fields at Corporate Center Three.


The Cup emerges swiftly yet carefully on the 10th floor

Eager employees line up for miles to photograph the historic award.

Stanley is given the white glove treatment as he is  untrunked

to the delight of the crowd's  "ooohs" and "aaahs."


"You may touch, hug and kiss the Cup,

but do not lift it or sit on the table."


The Stanley Cup is always accompanied by a handler - one of several who rotate - supplied by the Hockey Hall of Fame. On the surface, it's an incredible job, but underneath the shiny veneer are many nights with no sleep and extended travel that takes the keepers away from family and friends.



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Stanley never gleamed so brightly until the Tampa Bay Lightning brought him to Tampa and let him soak up Florida's golden rays.



After the 1947-48 season, the Cup was remodeled into the version we have today.

Click button to see the previous model


4748cup.jpg (25521 bytes)



Stanley proudly reflects the admiration of his onlookers.


Here's something you don't see every day; a birdseye view of the cup.



Former Tampa Mayor & Florida Governor Bob Martinez and Stanley

 A side of the Cup you rarely see



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