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1720 N. MacDill Avenue
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset Park amenities include picnic tables, grills, restrooms, ball fields, play courts, tennis and racquetball courts, a playground, and the David Barksdale Senior Citizen Center.


Macfarlane park is located between MacDill and Lincoln Avenues, bordered by Spruce Street on the north.   The park is a designated historic site by the Tampa Historical Preservation Commission, thanks to to the efforts of Joe and Olga Vila.


The main entrance on MacDill Avenue is marked by this unique  archway.  The land for the park was donated by Hugh Macfarlane in 1908. 

Those of us who grew up in West Tampa in the area of this park, remember it as a place for our childhood birthday parties, family picnics and Easter egg hunts.


This iconic arch is the main entrance off MacDill Avenue; George Guida Memorial Drive.  It was built in the mid-1930s.







These signs are posted at the north west corner of the park at Lincoln Ave. and Spruce Street.  Part of the sign was missing, it's the "David M. Barksdale Senior Center."


Who is David M. Barksdale?



George Guida Memorial Drive is the main entrance to the park.
It leads from the archway on MacDill Ave. to the "big hill."

Read about "Mr. West Tampa" George Guida, photos of him, his family and his house













A view of George Guida Memorial Drive looking east from the top of the hill.

 1987 Macfarlane Park Street Renaming Ceremony Honorable E. J. Salcines and Mayor Freedman of Tampa



From the memorial marker at Macfarlane Park.  GEORGE GUIDA 1914-1986 "MR. WEST TAMPA"   The grateful citizenry of Tampa dedicated this roadway to the memory of George Guida for his commitment to improving the quality of life for all. A business and civic leader, banker and builder of many of our public service buildings, such as Jesuit H.S. Athletic Field House, Rey Park Recreation Center, St. Joseph's Convent. The Boys and Girls Clubs of America presented him their Silver Keystone and Bronze Keystone Awards for building their West Tampa and Interbay facilities. With his wife Palmira and children, he lived and worked near this site. An Outstanding Citizen, the Lord graced us with his presence and let George do it ... He was "Mr. West Tampa."

Visit West Tampa History, 1892-1925, A Personal Collection

The "big hill" is a little over 10 feet above surrounding ground level, making it the highest elevation in West Tampa.




This 1956 USGS map shows the park marked with a 35 ft. elevation contour line, then two more elevation contour lines surrounding the hill.  Each contour line represents 5 feet, so the top of the hill is at least 45 feet above mean sea level.

Notice that MacDill Ave. was named "Lisbon" back then.

(Purple markings indicate landmarks in existence in 1969.)



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