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The old Federal Courthouse Building

Completed in 1905, the building was used as a post office and customs house for this growing, port city.  Built in the classic Beaux-Arts style - with stone, marble, three-story columns and other trappings of elegance - the courthouse radiates formality, simplicity, order and tradition. 


The entrance, elevated from the street, divides two symmetrical wings, and sits at the top of sweeping stairs that empty into a main portico.  The building was converted into a courthouse in 1984 until completion of the current Sam M. Gibbons U.S. Courthouse in 1998.  It is now abandoned. There were rumors of converting it into a history center.


Stepping back a bit, we see the old courthouse contrasted with the new Sam Gibbons Courthouse on the left.




See old postcard when this was the US Customs House and Post Office.  


Another postcard



Florida Avenue in 1915, looking south from the 600 block, Federal Court building & Sacred Heart Church

One Tampa City Center was completed in 1981 and at the time was the tallest building in Tampa.  The top floor (38) is home to Tampa's University Club.  The building is located at what used to be the intersection of Washington Street & Franklin Street.

One Tampa City Center


This kiosk on the Franklin St. Mall affords the weary pedestrian a place and the time.  The top is in the style of the minarets of the University of Tampa.

This is the Gold Bank building downtown, with large poster by Romero Britto.


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