Birds of Lutz - Florida Sandhill Cranes & White Ibises





Sand Hill Cranes - These critters are common in the area where I live.  This family visits my yard often, sometimes walking right up to our front window of our house and tapping on it.












They are not very fretful if you approach them slowly and even so they will casually walk away if you get too close.










Listen to the frightening sound these birds make, visit the National Geographic web site and click the option to hear the sound.


Read more about the Florida Sandhill Crane













These birds often graze for bugs in my yard after we have some rain.  One morning as I was leaving for work they were perched at the top of my oak tree.


Click on the top cluster of birds and the next lower cluster to see a close up of each group.


They may be White Ibises, they inhabit areas where water is nearby, such as the many lakes in Lutz.



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