These photos were taken May, 2003.  On the next page are photos from March, 2004 after some clean up.

Centro Asturiano Hospital was built on 21st Avenue and 12th Street in Tampa in 1927.


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"The society grew in membership so rapidly that it leased the Orange Hotel on Tampa Street in June 1903 for use as a sanitarium until the original Covadonga Sanitarium opened on Ola Avenue in April 1905 with 54 beds.  The second Covadonga Hospital on 21st Avenue opened in October 1927.  The hospitals were called Covadonga in homage to the Virgin of Covadonga who appeared to Pelayo at the beginning of the Reconquest of Spain in the 8th century which freed the country from Moorish rule."

The $175,000 Centro Asturiano is now an empty shell, awaiting rehabilitation or demolition.  

The days when it served a peak membership of 7,000 are long gone.   


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(In this sketch, only the structure on the right is still standing)

centroasturianosanatorio.jpg (70443 bytes)

This image is scanned from a birth certificate


The hospital closed in 1990.

In 1996, the city condemned and demolished all but one of the buildings on the hospital's campus.

Read about rehabilitation plans to convert this building and using the land for apartments


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