Welcome to "The Barbers' Shop," where a shave and a haircut is only moments away.


Located at the northeast corner of Bearss Ave. and Florida Ave, they've been in business for many years.


Recently relocated to a new building on the same location, see NEW Barbers Shop link at bottom of this page.  This page is the former location.


Various model planes hang from the ceiling,

click each button to enlarge each one.


barbershopplane1.jpg (38312 bytes)

The prop spins from the

air coming from the air vent.






barbershopplane2.jpg (23989 bytes)



Staffed by an experienced team of expertly qualified, licensed barbers and 6 chairs to serve even the most demanding customers.



Ed is ready for his next demanding customer.








barbershopplane3.jpg (31730 bytes)















Classics of days gone by remind customers of the old days.



barbershopplane4.jpg (30647 bytes)










This classic chair is a big hit with kids and old-timers alike.




barbershopflyer1983flyer.jpg (117626 bytes)

Click to see a flyer from 1983



Who's next?




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