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Amarillys Sandwiches is located at 3413 W. Tampa Bay Blvd. in West Tampa, just east of Himes Ave., practically in the shadow of Raymond James Stadium.


Open since July, 2010, Amarillys occupies the building that was formerly the King Bee Latin-American Market, Grocery & Cafeteria, last owned by Luis and Prudy Losada.









King Bee was a popular landmark store that operated since 1966 for over 40 years and sold meat/deli products, convenience store groceries with a hot & cold cafeteria buffet, doing both sit-down and take out lunches and dinners, with beer, wine, & tobacco license.




Amarillys is owned and operated by Juan V. Santallana, Sr. and his wife, Amarillys.  Though the restaurant is new, the Santallanas have deep community roots. 

Juan is a 1976 graduate of Jefferson High School in Tampa and had a cleaning business for 34 years.  He's always had a passion for cooking and took advantage of the opportunity to buy the King Bee location last year.

Now, he and Amy serve up the authentic flavors of Cuba and Puerto Rico with pride.



You will enjoy Amarillys relaxed atmosphere and friendly service. They serve breakfast and lunch from 7:00am to 3:00pm, but if you want a café con leche and a tostada before going to work you can stop by as early as 6:30am and they will take care of you.





Amarillys is perfect for just hanging out and enjoying friends over a delicious cup of café con leche and toasted cuban bread with butter, or a complete breakfast.




Juan Santallana, Jr. preparing some Cuban bread toast.




Amy uses her grandmother's recipe for Pastelón, a Puerto Rican dish made from ripe platanos (plantains), ground beef, green beans and secret ingredients.  It is like a Puerto Rican Lasagne.







Pasteles and Deviled Crabs

La Gaceta, Tampa's Tri-Lingual Newspaper




Fresh Plantain chips

Amarillys specials of the day, see list below

Fresh brewed Cuban coffee

Breakfast wrap
Cuban Bread


Egg Whites


Fresh Fruit Salad

Multi-grain Croissant






2010 Salad

Avocado Salad (Ensalada de Aguacate)













Specials of the Day

Baked Fish Filet (Pescado al Horno)

Bacalao (Cod fish)

Bourbon Salmon

Beef Stew (Carne con papas)

Bistec en cazuela (Steak in tomato and wine sauce)Boliche (Eye of round steak)

Chicken Fricasse

Chili con Carne over spaghetti or rice

Chicken breast with fresh vegetables (Pollo a la Jardinera)

Chicken Primavera (Pechuga de Pollo con Vegetales)

Cuban Sandwich, Pork Sandwich

Deviled Crab


Fried Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Fish, Lamb


Specials of the Day

BBQ Country Ribs (Costillas)

Fried Pork chunks (Masas Cerdo Fritos)
Grilled Fish Fillet

Italian Sausage made with Turkey (Wrap or Meal Plate)

Italian Sausage with pepeprs and onion (Salchicha Italiana con aji y cebollas)

Lamb Shank (Carnero)

Linguini with Olive Oil and Garlic

Ox tail (Rabo)

Palomilla Steak

Plantain Soup (Sopa the Platano Verde)

Pepper Steak Cuban style

Pork Fricassee

Rice with Squid (Arroz con Calamare)

Rice with Beans (Arroz con Gandules)

Ronnie Darrigo Chicken Fricassee

Shrimp Creole (Camaron Enchilao)

Split Pea Soup (Sopas de Chicharos)

Plantain Soup

Garbanzo Bean Soup

Lentil Soup (Lentejas)
Caldo Gallego

Tamal en cazuela (Tamale Casserole)

Yellow Rice

Guava Pastries

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The Menu

Ample parking along the front, side and back



A view of Raymond James Stadium from the rear parking lot


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