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Nov. 7, 2006
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FedEx MD10 Cargo jet

See FedEx  McDonnell Douglas MD11F jets lined up at the Memphis hub



The MD-10 is a converted DC-10  The MD-10 program allowed operators to retrofit DC-10s with a new, advanced- technology flight deck. Benefits of the retrofit included a two-person flight deck, weight savings, increased reliability, and commonality with the MD-11 fleet.  Retrofit of the seventy FedEx DC-10s (plus options for another 50) was typical of MD-10 program activity, which included two phases: 1. Passenger-to-freighter conversion. 2. Flight deck retrofit.

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Flight Deck Retrofit
Phase two of the FedEx MD-10 program was installation of the ACF, a liquid crystal display flight deck based on the integrated glass design in the MD-11. It featured six 8- by 8-in displays that showed all flight and systems information. Commonality with the MD-11 flight deck allowed flight crews to move from one airplane to the other with minimal additional training. The ACF included the following features:

These new-generation computers integrated the MD-10 flight deck display electronics and related software. The computers integrated such multiple functions as displays, flight management, data acquisition and central aural warning. Three of the computers, coupled with a pair of new aircraft interface units linking them to the aircraft systems, replaced 22 separate computers in the existing DC-10 design.

A major benefit of the ACF derives from the airplane system controllers originally designed for the MD-11. These controllers eliminated the need for a flight engineer by managing the functions of all major airplane systems, such as the hydraulic and fuel systems.

Other significant improvements were incorporated within the flight deck upgrade to further reduce flight crew workload and enhance the operational reliability of the MD-10. These improvements included advanced weather radar with predictive wind shear detection, the MD-11-derived Category IIIb autoland capability, satellite communications, Global Positioning System navigation capabilities, and future air navigation system compatibility.

  Passenger-To-Freighter Conversion involved main deck cargo door installation, rigid cargo barrier installation, and structural changes to increase the maximum takeoff gross weight.

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 Cargo bay

The FedEX MD-10's s luxurious First Class section (and ONLY passenger section.)  Room enough for 4 FedEx execs.
The cargo section is directly behind the partition behind the seats.  In the above left photo, a person can be seen crouching at the small access door to the cargo area at the upper right of the photo.  Above right photo shows view through this access door.

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Read more about the MD-10 at the Boeing website where the above info was obtained and here.

Retirement of FedEx's MD-10s began in June 2013


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