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Pictures of Havana, Cuba and the Surrounding Areas























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Spanish Naval Training in Havana with U.S. Sailors Circa 1950's


Page 1
BÓŔz and Marisol sitting at El Malec˛n with El Morro background
Marisol & family at El Malec˛n
La Catedral de Habana
Tourists and a santera
El Cristo de la Habana statue
The fountain at Plaza de San Francisco
Basýlica Menor de San Francisco

Plaza San Francisco at night

The courtyard of the Basilica

Inside the Basilica
A street in Old Havana
Museum of colonial art at Plaza de Catedral



Bodeguita del Medio, world famous restaurant with a rich history

The menu from 1959




Page 2
Theater Amadeo Roldan in El Vedado district
Parents wait for their children at Ballet Nacional de Cuba (Alicia Alonso)
Inside the ballet house
A young student of the ballet and her Abuela
Linea Street in the Vedado district
Beautiful old home in the Vedado district
A Restaurant
Mercado Agropecuario outdoor produce market





Page 3
The Capitol building in Havana
Classic American cars parked in front of the Capitol
Two views of the art deco style Bacardý building
A popular means of transportation, "The Camel"
Shoe shine man and a "Bicitaxi"
A siesta in Parque Central
Obispo Street, Floridita Restaurant & statue of Francisco de Albear
La Moderna Poesia, a modern library





Page 4
Typical pedestrian street traffic in old Havana
Artistas callejeros; street artists - Jugglers
Parque Central view of Teatro Garcýa Lorca
Centro Asturiano, Museo de Bellas Artes, home of international art collection

Inside the Museum of Fine Arts
Flower vendor on bicycle
Luxury hotel popular with American tourists





Page 5 - Bejucal
Welcome sign and location map
Bejucal as seen from hilltop
Neighborhoods in the area of the church
Monument to Juan Delgado, patriot who fought Spanish colonialism
The church in Bejucal, outside and inside
Marisol & "El Padre" the Priest
Volunteers transcribing old church records
Photo of an entry in actual book from 1790





Page 6
Statue of Jose Marti in front of La Acera del Louvre and the Hotel Inglaterra.
Largest Catholic Church building in Cuba, Jes¨s de Miramar Church on 5th Avenue
Iglesia del Santo Angel Custodio where Jose Marti was baptized
"Plazuela del Santo Angel", scene of a famous romance: "Cecilia Valdes",by Cirilo Villaverde
Bust of Villaverde
Various buildings surrounding the Plaza
An old street that originates at the Plaza
Jose Marti's birth place
Plaque on his house





Page 7
Mercado de Artesania; Artists market
Lonja del Comercio, the old commodity exchange trade center in old Havana
San Antonio de Padua church, located at 5th Ave
Central railroad station in Havana
San Francisco de Paula Church and Royal Hospital in Old Havana
The church of Santa Rita, on 5th Ave
Corpus Christi Church
Ship entering the bay, with statue of El Cristo in background




Page 8
Stunning panorama of Havana shoreline (a portion used as background here)
Havana Bay
Fishing from El Malecon

Large waves hit shoreline at el Malecon

A night drive along el Malecon




Page 9 - Guanabacoa
Welcome sign and location map
Nuestra Se˝ora de la Asunci˛n church and classic cars
Inside a home
Researchers in Guanabacoa archives room
Diego Salustiano Franchi, former mayor of Guanabacoa 1902- 1912, and 1920 to1922
The Mayor's municipal palace




Page 10 - San Miguel del Padr˛n
San Miguel Archangel Church for San Miguel and San Francisco de Paula Parrish
A view of the town from the church
Tribute to "La Virgen del Camino" in San Miguel del Padr˛n
A view from the park
An industrial area




Page 11 - Various Fortifications of Old Havana
Muralla de la Habana, part of the wall which protected Havana from pirates
A portion of the gate
Most well-known fort, El Morro
A cannon at El Morro

The lighthouse at El Morro
El Fortin de la Chorrera, at the Almendares River
Castillo de La Fuerza
Castillo de La Fuerza another view and La Giraldilla, the symbol of Havana
El Castillo de la Punta
La Caba˝a




Page 12
The Ambos Mundos Hotel where Ernest Hemingway stayed
Hotel Santa Isabel where former President Jimmy Carter stayed
Old woman at a door on Obispo Street
Historic buildings in the process of restoration

Same building after restoration completed
Beautifully restored door on Mercaderes Street
Iglesia del Sagrado Coraz˛n (Sacred Heart Church), at Reina Street
"El Templete" situated where the city of Havana was founded
Streetside bookstand
Close up of books




Page 13
National Archives building of Havana
Palacio de los Capitanes Generales, home of El Capitan General while Cuba was under Spanish rule
Street artists on stilts
Narciso Lopez street
Monument to Maximo G˛mes, important Cuban patriot
Entrance to tunnel leading under the bay




Page 14 - Calle de los Mercaderes
House on Mercaderes Street
Entrance to the Perfumery
Inside window of Perfumery
Perfumer mixing scents at counter
Inside Farmacia Taquechel at Mercaderes and Obispo Street
Beautiful collection of old pharmacy jars and instruments
Elaborate carriage entryway on Mercaderes Street
Murals depicting famous figures in Cuban history





Page 15
Entrance arch of Colon Cemetery, old Havana
Colon Cemetery chapel and tribute to fallen firemen
The grave of "La Milagrosa"
Elaborate monuments in Colon Cemetery
A beautiful view of the Sacred Heart church at Reina St.
Statue of former Beatles singer John Lennon at El Parque de los Rockeros





Page 16
Photographer using old box camera
Baez posing for box camera photo
The resulting photo

A street vendor selling "Churros"
La Calle Enna, shortest in Havana





Page 17 - Pinar del Rio
Natural beauty of tropical vegetation near Las Terrazzas
Lake with mountains in background
Typical country home
Ruins of a coffee plantation
Remains of the mill
Beautiful tropical gardens
Celia and Leonor among the coffee trees
Ruins of the coffee bean storage containers





Page 18 - Chinatown in Havana
The pagoda gateway
Sightseers and local color
Merchant waiting for customers on narrow street
Marisol and Baez dining at a fine restaurant





Page 19- Theater Garcia Lorca
Another view of Teatro Garcia Lorca (Centro Gallego)
Inside El Gran Teatro
Two performers receive their applause
The rear of the theater showing the balconies
A "Coco-Taxi"





Page 20 - A trip to Cojimar; East of Havana
Driving in the tunnel under the bay
On the highway to Santa Maria del Mar
The beach at Santa Maria del Mar
La Terrazas Restaurant, another favorite of Hemingway and tourists
Inside the restaurant
Fresh Lobster
View of the Cojimar River from the restaurant
On the road back to Havana



Page 21 - Classic Cars

Marisol in a 1929 Ford

Edsel Convertible

Need help to identify the others!




Page 22 - La Plaza Vieja

La Plaza Vieja (The Old Plaza)

"Sabanas blancas colgadas de los balcones"

Colored window glass at Plaza Vieja at night

Beautiful "portales" at la Plaza Vieja

A popular night spot for fresh brewed Dutch beer

Hotel honoring architect Gaudi

A young "Caballero" enjoys a leisurely pony ride at la Plaza Vieja






Page 23 - Pilgrimage to San Lazaro church in "El Rincon"

Outside the church, people lined up to go in

People arriving by wagon in the streets of El Rincon

Shoeless young man at the steps of the church

Some arrive by rail on an old train

A hospital for people with leprosy, next to the church




Page 24 - Inside the church of San Lazaro at El Rincon

Patrons crowd inside

Candles left lit by visitors

The shrine for San Lazaro

The shrine for La Virgen de Regla

A woman offering readings by cards

Probably worshippers of "Babalu Aye" In the streets

Inside Corpus Christi Church, Christmas Eve midnight mass





Page 25  Beautiful Hotels

Hotel Riviera outside

Hotel Riviera the lobby and front desk inside

Hotel Habana Libre outside

Hotel Habana Libre the lobby inside





Page 26 

Calixto Garcia Hospital

Cinema Yara with the Lopez Serrano building in the distance

Havana University

The old Academia de Ciencias






Page 27 - Beautiful Orthodox Church & Tribute to Mother Theresa

Orthodox church, outside

Detail of Apostles above entrance door

Inside the church

Details of cupola and closeup of cupola artwork on ceiling

The priests

Tribute to Mother Theresa at Plaza de San Francisco






Page 28

Dusk at el Malecon







Page 29 - People of Havana

Playing Dominoes in the street

National colors of Cuba go hand in hand

Singing to guitar player in front of newspaper shop

Lady enjoying fine Cuban cigar in front of beautifully restored building

Buttons for close up of woman and model ship ornament in front of building













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