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Mercado de Artesania










This is the Lonja del Comercio, the old commodity exchange trade center in old Havana.











San Antonio de Padua, located at 5th Ave, built in 1949








The Central railroad station in Havana












San Francisco de Paula Church and Royal Hospital in Old Havana, constructed  Siec. XVII-XVIII







The church of Santa Rita, on 5th Ave. Constructed in the 1940's









Corpus Christi Church, probably constructed in the late 1950's, is in the Country Club neighborhood , where usually lived the wealthiest people before the revolution.


See inside during "Midnight Mass" on Christmas Eve, 2003.






A ship entering the bay.  In the background you can see to the left, the statue of Christ, at right, the Institute of Meteorology, placed on Casa Blanca, a little town on the other side of the bay.

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