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"Baez" welcomes you to Bejucal!


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These two photos of Bejucal were taken from a nearby hilltop.  Now overgrown with weeds, in the 1950's was "Ciudad de los Niņos"  a park constructed by an old Priest of this town, before the revolution.




ciudad de los ninos bejucal.JPG (52593 bytes) click to see this park in 1958
















Old houses in the area of the church in Bejucal 













Another street in Bejucal











A monument to Juān Delgado, a patriot who fought against Spanish colonialism













The church in Bejucal







Inside the church





Marisol and the Priest in Bejucal.  All the town loves him because he is doing a great work there.  Every day he gives breakfast to all the children that need it.










Volunteers in the process of transcribing records. The people in the Church are very nice, they are working in the records, the books are in very good condition.







Below is an example of a church book from the year 1790, the full sized photo is quite legible.


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