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The Calixto Garcia Hospital is one of the oldest in Havana, well-known by many Cubans.   For many years it was the only university hospital.  It is quite large, with many pavilions; this one is for emergencies.












The tallest building here is another view of the Hotel Habana Libre.   The red wall is a very well-known cinema, now Yara, previously the Radiocentro. 


In front is "Coppelia," a very good place to enjoy tasty ice cream.  It appears in a famous Cuban movie,"Fresa y Chocolate" nominated for Oscars.


Also you can see the television antenna, which is the central of Cuban TV.   In the distance on the left you can see a building that resembles the Empire State Building; the "Lopez Serrano building.  Not as tall but very similar in design.















The Havana University, with its many stairs leading to the entrance; "la escalinata."
















The old Academia de Ciencias, now a museum.











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