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Patrons crowd inside to give tribute.



















Candles lit for San Lazaro and left behind by patrons.  Near the stand you can also see some "cocos" which are for Babulu Aye.  (Read about this below)





















San Lazaro is very special for the Cubans: is the best example of "sincretismo."  The people see in him two things: the Catholic Saint, and also for the Afrocuban religion "Babalu Aye" an important orisha (god) of the Yoruba religion. 



This is the shrine which honors San Lazaro.











To the right you see La Virgen de Regla (Yemaya for Yoruba religion.) 



The many people that you find here you can't know exactly for whom they go.  But all go for something: health (the most), to have a good work, to do a good travel (many future balseros), love, etc.
















People come from all walks of life to El Rincon, these ladies in white likely came for Babalu Aye.

















Around the church building there are many people with different businesses: selling flowers, candles, etc.  This woman, a "cartomantica" offers readings of one's future through the use of cards.

















Inside Corpus Christi church on "Nochebuena" (Christmas Eve) during "Misa de Gallos."  (Literally "Mass of Roosters" but common reference to "Midnight Mass.")


See outside of Corpus Christi Church











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