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La Plaza Vieja (The Old Square) in the neighborhood of

Jesus Maria, Old Havana


Another view of the square 


"Sabanas blancas colgadas de los balcones"  

This is from a popular song here that talks about something that many people do at Havana; that is "White sheets hanging from the balconies."


2004 Feb 14 raquel.oscarito09.jpg (37608 bytes)


Click the picture above which was taken at Plaza Vieja, at night.  This is typical from the colonial architecture of Havana. Over the doors and windows they put these, made with with wood and colored glass, to diminish the light which enters and add some colors. 









One of the many beautiful "Portales" which surround the Old Square.








At night there are many places to drink or eat.  Here you see a beer saloon where they brew the beer on location using Dutch brewing methods from Holland.
























At this corner is an old hotel, now in renovation,

it honors the Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi


Visit "Gaudi Central" for more info and examples of his works













This young "Caballero" enjoys a leisurely

ride around La Plaza Vieja.











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