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A house on Mercaderes Street.  The street sign on the top of this page can be seen near the corner wall on this house in this picture.









Entrance to the Perfumery











Inside a window in the perfumery










At this old house there is a place to mix by hand the perfume your choice, with the typical aromas from Cuba. You may even mix your own perfume.









This old pharmacy "Farmacia Taquechel" at Mercaderes and Obispo Street, is now dedicated to natural medicine.









A beautiful collection of old jars and instruments









This elaborate doorway was used by carriages to enter and exit this beautiful old house on Mercaderes St.  

Many of the olds houses that the Historian Office rescues, are then dedicated to Museums, Art Galleries, and also other countries, etc.  This one is dedicated to Simon Bolivar and Venezuela, but Bolivar never was in Cuba.   

The struggle of Bolivar and the liberation of Cuba had many things in common. . Many Cuban patriots were inspired on the Bolivar ideas. And when Martė went for the first time to Caracas, the first place he visited was the monument to Bolivar.  (See Marti statue on p.6 )


At Caracas Martė stayed some years and worked as teacher. There is also a house in Caracas dedicated to Martė, at the school where he worked.  If you can try to find some Martė`s writers, named "Three heroes".  It is part of a book dedicated to children named The Golden age (La edad de oro).

There are also houses dedicated to Mexico (Casa Benito Juarez), Africa, the Ecuadorian painter Guayasamėn (very friend of Cuba), and many others in this area, and in other houses the people live as a normal house, because the goal of this reconstruction is to mantain the same people that originally live here in their houses




This mural is located on the side of building on Mercaderes St.  It depicts many of the principal figures in the history of Cuba from the 18th and 19th centuries.

It is made with pigments mixed with grit and embedded in the wall.









Close up of the right end of the mural







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