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San Miguel del Padṛn now is a different municipality from Guanabacoa.  During some years San Miguel belonged to Guanabacoa, but really is a different town very near one from the other.  From the religious point of view, they are independent parrishes from the 1700's.  San Francisco de Paula belongs to San Miguel.

San Miguel is in an industrial area and there the people are not in the best economic class.

This is the San Miguel Archangel Church for San Miguel and San Francisco de Paula Parrish, it was constructed on July 4th, 1943, and their Priest has worked there from this date, he is over 80 years old.

The original Church burned during the Independence War (1890s), but ,
fortunately the records were saved, only one book was partially burned and they were able to copy it.







A view of San Miguel from the church










"La Virgen del Camino" in San Miguel del Padṛn, is a very popular place. Located in a big park at the beginning of San Miguel and the Central Road.










The view from the park in San Miguel










Industrial area of San Miguel







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